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TV cameras turned back on at Santa Rosa council meetings

Santa Rosa Mayor Ernesto Olivares has reversed the council’s policy of turning off TV cameras during public comments on issues not on the council meeting agenda. “I do really appreciate the concerns expressed by the members of the public about transparency and the need for open government here in Santa Rosa,” Olivares said.

Turning down the volume on TV ads

Loud TV ads are the No. 1 source of complaints to the FCC. “Whenever I’m home I hear about it from my wife,” Rep. Mike Thompson said Thursday. So he co-sponsored legislation requiring TV stations to limit the volume on commercials. Some think it’s frivolous, while others think it’s long overdue. What’s your take?

Noise pollution

It isn’t the biggest issue, but who wouldn’t appreciate it if TV networks stopped turning up the volume for commercials?

Santa Rosa pulls the plug on public comments

Santa Rosa has quietly stopped televising the portion of City Council meetings dedicated to public comments. The move is aimed at discouraging grandstanders. But critics are charging the city with censorship.