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The Last Word: Week of March 30

  Write your own caption … Every week we’ll post a new cartoon on Watch Sonoma County and invite you to write the caption. Enter the contest by posting your caption below. Vote for your favorite by clicking “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on each entry. PD staff will select several winners and publish them [...]

The Last Word: Week of March 23

And here are the winners . . . “It stands for ‘Create Non-News.’ ” ROBERT PLATZ, Santa Rosa “Wolf broke the first rule of journalism – when you don’t have facts or a story, shut up.” MICHAEL SHEEHAN, Rohnert Park “I wonder if Putin planned this to take our attention off Ukraine.” ROGER STEINHORST, Santa [...]

The Last Word: Week of March 16

This week’s winners are … “A push-up contest is not the solution, Mr. Putin.” JEFF ALLEE, Santa Rosa “You know, if you were willing to negotiate, Obama would give you the shirt off his back.” BOB CHARBONNIER, Santa Rosa “I knew Jack LaLanne. You, sir, are no Jack LaLanne.” DAVE LOCKHART, Santa Rosa “Obama says [...]

The Last Word: Week of March 9

And this week’s winners are . . . “Sherman, that’s not the Wayback Machine. That’s the washing machine. Just listen to the spin.” BONNIE GILBERT, Glen Ellen “Change the channel, Sherman. It’s a rerun.” PETER JONES, Santa Rosa “I don’t care what the Republicans say. She speaks my language.” MARTHA STILES, Santa Rosa “Hillary, would [...]

The Last Word: Week of March 2

And this week’s winners are … “Whaddya mean I’m a little short on compassion?” STEPHEN GROSS, Monte Rio “I don’t care how you were raised. You have to make your bed.” ROGER STEINHORST, Petaluma “I don’t care if you are the secretary of state. You’re gonna get down and give me 20!” JIM OWEN JR., [...]

The Last Word: Week of Feb. 23

And the winners are … “Haven’t you been begging for smaller classes?” VIRGINIA HAMILTON, Guerneville “I’m the child left behind.” MARY FIERRO, Santa Rosa “You think if I knew I’d be sitting here?” JEFF ALLEE, Santa Rosa “They all out practicing for the 2022 winter Olympic Games.” AL COHEN, Santa Rosa “Did you forget, Mom? [...]

The Last Word: Week of Feb. 16

And the winners are … “It looks like Wall Street is downsizing.” CHUCK FINCH, Santa Rosa “Tort reform? What was Congress thinking?” DONNA LOGAR, Santa Rosa “If I could afford an attorney, I’d sue.” EARL WHITEHILL, Healdsburg “I think maybe the state Bar needs to raise the bar.” MICHAEL MOTLEY, Santa Rosa “Should I tell [...]

The Last Word: Week of Feb. 9

The envelope please. This week’s winners are … “Sure, I was a bit teary-eyed, but then my friend Billy advised, ‘Chin up, Jay!’ ” ROBERT OSTLING, Santa Rosa “I got the last laugh. I put a whoopee cushion under Jimmy Fallon’s new chair.” SUSAN JOICE, Guerneville “I held my chin high for 22 years. I [...]

The Last Word: Week of Feb. 2

This week’s top picks are … “Uh oh. What if hell actually does freeze over?” GREG AANESTAD, Sebastopol “Down here you don’t have to worry about no-burn days.” AL COHEN, Santa Rosa “Does this mean it won’t be hotter than hell here?” ROSALIE GILLMORE, Petaluma “Guess I better invest in some sweaters!” JOHN LONG, Santa [...]

The Last Word: Week of Jan. 26

And now for this week’s winners … “Your babysitter just bailed you out.” DALE STOUT, Sebastopol “Money can’t buy you brains, son.” BONNIE GILBERT, Glen Ellen “I knew Elvis Presley, and you’re no Elvis Presley.” EMIL BACILLA, Sebastopol “Just for you, we’re changing the name to ‘smug’ shots.” RICHARD SMITH, Santa Rosa –O– Every week [...]

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