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Rohnert Park rolls out stricter limits on parties

Rohnert Park leaders acted Tuesday to clamp down on out-of-control parties, doubling the penalty for hosting gatherings that police respond to and that are deemed unruly.

Rohnert Park considers stiffer penalties for rowdy SSU parties

Rohnert Park, citing SSU students as chief offenders, is considering stiffening the punishment for the hosts of parties that get out of control.

Developer resuming Rohnert Park housing project

One of the longest-planned housing developments in Rohnert Park, on farmland across from the Green Music Center, is inching forward.

Failing the parking test

Memo to Sonoma State University: When you picked your parking meters, presumably via competitive bids, was the vendor required to guarantee some level of reliability? The answer is no, or you got taken.

Sonoma County college leaders hail Prop. 30′s passage

Patrick Maloney, a junior at Sonoma State University, woke up Wednesday morning to a pleasant surprise.
California voters had approved Proposition 30, the statewide tax measure backed by Gov. Jerry Brown to raise about $6 billion a year for education.
For thousands of state university students, it meant money in the bank: specifically a $249 refund of a tuition fee increase they paid this fall.
For Maloney, a 20-year-old political science major from Sacramento, it also was a payoff for a successful campaign to register more than 1,000 SSU students to vote in Tuesday’s election.

MasterCard provides $15 million for SSU’s Green Music Center pavilion

The pavilion will enable the music center to host large-scale performances — including jazz, reggae and other international genres, as well as ballet — that draw a sizable audience, said Erik Greeny, interim vice president for university development.

SSU president defends honorary degree for former Citigroup CEO

Sonoma State University president Ruben Armiñana on Tuesday defended his decision to award former Citigroup chief Sanford ‘Sandy’ Weill an honorary degree at this Saturday’s commencement ceremony.

Graduation protest to target SSU benefactor Weill

A group of Sonoma State University faculty and students announced Sunday they will protest an honorary degree the school plans to give to a major donor to the Green Music Center at Saturday’s graduation ceremony.

Sonoma State faces $4.6 million deficit

Sonoma State University administrators and faculty leaders met Thursday in what has become a routinely grim process: reviewing the university’s fiscal situation in the face of continued budget cuts. The school now is wrestling with a $4.6 million deficit after temporary state funding cuts of $2.3 million were made permanent in January, officials said.