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GUEST OPINION: Solomon offers doubletalk on Huffman

In March, Norman Solomon began a campaign apparently intended to scare seniors, create division in the Democratic Party and discredit Rep. Jared Huffman, D-San Rafael, for not signing a pledge which only 25 of the 535 members of the 113th Congress chose to lend their name. He claimed that Huffman was throwing seniors under the bus.

GUEST OPINION: Promise not to cut is nothing like tax pledge

President Barack Obama is proposing to reduce the Social Security cost of living adjustment. And the president is also putting cuts in Medicare benefits on the negotiating table. But Social Security keeps vast numbers of seniors out of poverty, and Medicare is vital to keeping many people alive. At this historic moment, a principled position would be to commit to fully defending Social Security and Medicare benefits, as well as the federal Medicaid program that funds Medi-Cal in our state. But the North Coast’s new congressman, Jared Huffman, has been hedging.

Rep. Jared Huffman already building war chest for re-election

Rep. Jared Huffman, just three months into his first term as the North Coast’s representative in Congress, is already building a war chest for his 2014 re-election campaign.

Delegates ready for Democratic National Convention

Sukhwinder Lamba and Rumka Singh, an upwardly mobile Santa Rosa couple, are taking their two children on a special trip this week to North Carolina.

Solomon concedes North Coast congressional race

Republican Dan Roberts emerged Tuesday as the second-place winner in the North Coast congressional race, edging Democrat Norman Solomon by 173 votes and earning a place in the November runoff. The outcome had remained uncertain three weeks after the June 5 primary, largely due to a slow vote tally in Sonoma County.

Cigarette tax vote loses; Huffman’s November opponent still unknown

California’s proposed $1-a-pack cigarette tax lost by less than a percentage point on Friday, while a North Coast congressional race still hung in the balance as Sonoma County accounted for 23 percent of the state’s untallied ballots. Sonoma County was one of 14 counties still counting ballots from the June 5 primary election, with 25,350 of the state’s 111,472 uncounted ballots, according to state figures. ‘Still counting, still feeding cards through,’ county elections chief Janice Atkinson said. ‘It’s just a slow process.’

Gap narrows for runner-up in North Coast congressional race

Democrat Norman Solomon has closed within about 600 votes of Republican Dan Roberts, leaving their race for second place in the North Coast congressional district undecided two weeks after the June 5 primary election. Whoever eventually claims the second spot will face Assemblyman Jared Huffman, D-San Rafael, in a November run-off to fill the vacancy left by retiring Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D-Petaluma.

Retiring Woolsey endorses Huffman as successor

Retiring Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey, D-Petaluma, on Thursday endorsed Assemblyman Jared Huffman of San Rafael as her successor in the House of Representatives. Woolsey, who is stepping down after 20 years in office, said that Huffman is ‘that rare public servant with both the courage of his convictions and the ability to work constructively to get things done. He is both a principled progressive and an effective coalition-builder. His victory this fall would allow me to leave office knowing that the North Coast is in capable hands, with a representative that truly reflects our district’s values.’

Huffman a shoo-in if runoff challenger a Republican

Is Assemblyman Jared Huffman the next congressman from the North Coast? The San Rafael Democrat’s path to Capitol Hill is clear if Republican Dan Roberts holds onto second place and gets into November’s runoff against Huffman, who finished first in Tuesday’s primary election. But it’s a different story if Norman Solomon overtakes Roberts as tens of thousands of uncounted votes are tallied over the next four weeks.

North Coast voters to begin choosing Woolsey’s successor Tuesday

Sonoma County voters on Tuesday will begin the process of replacing retiring Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey and filling a heavily contested Assembly seat, likely creating first-ever runoffs between two Democrats. In addition, with new district boundaries in force for the first time, voters will have a say in four other races for Congress, the Assembly and state Senate. Tuesday’s election, the first statewide vote under California’s top two primary system, is expected to set up three November run-offs between two Democrats instead of a Democrat and a Republican.

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