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Sebastopol, PG&E face off over SmartMeters again

The city of Sebastopol’s uneasy stalemate with PG&E over the installation of SmartMeters faces another test today when the two sides meet again.

For now, Sebastopol backs off SmartMeter ban

Sebastopol has temporarily stopped enforcing its recently-enacted moratorium on the installation of SmartMeters, citing shaky legal ground and the risk of being sued.

State utilities board slams Sebastopol over SmartMeter ban

The California Public Utilities Commission called Sebastopol’s moratorium on the installation of SmartMeters ‘unlawful and unenforceable’ in a letter sent to city officials Friday.

PG&E won’t comply with Sebastopol SmartMeter ban

Sebastopol and PG&E appear to be on a collision course following the city’s adoption Thursday of a ban on the installation of SmartMeters, the controversial wireless devices that critics contend are a threat to public health.

PG&E gets earful over SmartMeters at Santa Rosa hearing

Two hundred people turned out Thursday in Santa Rosa to rail against PG&E SmartMeters, complaining that individual opt-out fees are unfair, that cities should be able to get out of the program and that the wireless technology is a health threat.

PG&E won’t halt SmartMeter work in Sebastopol

PG&E will continue to install SmartMeters in Sebastopol over the objections of city leaders, who had sought a delay until state regulators conclude hearings on new opt-out procedures. A PG&E spokesman on Thursday said delaying installation of gas and electric SmartMeters in Sebastopol would ‘disadvantage’ customers who want the devices. The City Council voted 5-0 on July 19 to ask PG&E not to install any more meters within city limits until the state Public Utilities Commission concludes hearings on how groups or communities could opt out of having the devices installed.

Sebastopol City Council OKs measure requesting delay in SmartMeter rollout

The Sebastopol City Council approved an emergency measure Thursday night asking PG&E to delay installation of SmartMeters in the city until state regulators conclude hearings on new opt-out procedures.

Thousands opt out of PG&E SmartMeter program

About 4,400 PG&E Co. customers opted out of the utility’s controversial SmartMeter program — including nearly 500 in Sonoma and Mendocino counties — in the two weeks after state regulators first gave them the choice. Critics say more would keep their old analog meters if the cost was not so expensive – a one-time $75 fee and a monthly charge of $10.

Sebastopol sued over cellphone antennas

A Sebastopol group that has fought to limit public exposure to radio waves is suing the city for approving additional antennas to an existing telecommunications tower behind City Hall.

PG&E to make SmartMeters optional — for a fee

PG&E wants to give customers concerned about radio wave emissions from its new SmartMeters the choice of retaining conventional meters — for a fee. The utility’s action comes in response to objections to SmartMeters, the devices that monitor customers’ electricity and natural gas consumption and transmit the data to PG&E.

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