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CVS project poised for final OK in Sebastopol

The Sebastopol City Council is expected tonight to give final approval to the controversial CVS Pharmacy project but not before giving opponents a platform for a last-minute effort to try to derail the proposal.

Sebastopol officials defend rejection of CVS project’s design

The CVS and Chase buildings, which would look unlike any others in the nation, were designed by Sebastopol architect Kevin Kellogg. But after six hearings before the Design Review Board and two before the City Council, the project still didn’t pass muster. ‘Yes they came back many times, but the focus should be on how good can we get,’ said Lynn Deedler, design board vice chairman.

Sebastopol approves expansion of cellphone tower

After three hours of sometimes bitter debate about whether radio frequencies cause health problems, the Sebastopol City Council Tuesday allowed additional antennas to be added to an existing telecommunications tower behind City Hall. The council in a 2-2 vote denied the appeal of the EMF Safety Network, a Sebastopol group that has vociferously fought PG&E’s SmartMeters, downtown Sebastopol Wi-Fi and cellphone antennas.

Sebastopol council waits for Occupy action

The Sebastopol City Council met Thursday to discuss how to respond to protesters if they begin camping in the town’s plaza this weekend. Camping in city parks, including the plaza, is against Sebastopol ordinances, but council members shied away from endorsing a crackdown.

Sebastopol faces 10% budget cut

Facing its first real test of recession-era financing, the city of Sebastopol will have to find a way to trim almost 10 percent to balance next year’s budget. The City Council hopes to avoid layoffs, Councilman Patrick Slayter said. “There is no one to lose without really hurting the city,” he said.

Sebastopol council considers earlier meeting times

Four-hour council meetings are the norm for many city councils, but the Sebastopol City Council meetings sometimes stretch much longer. Because the 6 p.m. meetings have been running so late, at least one council member thinks future meetings should start at 5 p.m., or maybe even 4 p.m. “Nobody does their best business when fatigue sets in,” said Councilman Patrick Slayter.

Sebastopol council votes to ban leaf blowers

6:15 PM UPDATE: The Sebastopol City Council Tuesday night voted to ban the use of leaf blowers by residents and businesses, effective in about a year. The meeting drew few people. Was it because the word “ban” was removed from the description of the ordinance published in the final public agenda?

Sebastopol council rejects SmartMeter moratorium

6:15 PM UPDATE: A split Sebastopol City Council voted Tuesday against a one-year moratorium on the installation of PG&E SmartMeters, which transmit usage data by radio waves. The 3-2 defeat dismayed speakers who had come with a litany of complaints against the meters, which they blame for health maladies, invasions of privacy, increased risks of fire and other offenses.

2010 campaign finance reports: Sebastopol City Council

Sarah Gurney raised the most money and spent the most in her successful campaign to be re-elected to the Sebastopol City Council last year. See where the rest of the candidates finished in the money race.

Is Sebastopol bike friendly?

Despite its environmental leanings, Sebastopol doesn’t have a single bicycle lane. Soon, the city will have to choose between bike lanes or parking spaces as it struggles to become cycling friendly. “We like to think Sebastopol is progressive and green, but if we ask people to park their car for the day, it is like you are taking away their air,” says Vice Mayor Patrick Slayter.

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