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Sebastopol voters could see tax triple bill on fall ballot

The Sebastopol City Council plans to ask voters this fall for a hand in putting the city on stronger financial footing, through two tax measures expected to share ballot space with a proposed hike in the county sales tax, city officials said.

Sebastopol sets vote on public power agency

Sebastopol’s green-minded City Council will consider joining the Sonoma County Clean Power Authority in two weeks, leaving room to make the latest deadline for participation in a plan aimed at providing communities with an alternative to PG&E.

Sebastopol council votes to require solar power on new homes, buildings

Sebastopol burnished its liberal credentials Tuesday by becoming the second city in California to require solar power systems on new homes and commercial buildings.

PG&E won’t comply with Sebastopol SmartMeter ban

Sebastopol and PG&E appear to be on a collision course following the city’s adoption Thursday of a ban on the installation of SmartMeters, the controversial wireless devices that critics contend are a threat to public health.

Sebastopol considers chain store ban, solar energy requirements for projects

The Sebastopol City Council, with the controversial CVS Pharmacy project still casting a shadow over downtown, is adding a chain store ban and solar energy requirements as possible ways to preserve the community’s identity and shape new development.
‘As the city grows and develops and learns, there is a lack of clarity in what the city wants future growth to look like, and it is important the council become pro-active,’ said Vice Mayor Robert Jacob. ‘It is very clear our town wants to maintain its unique, small-town identity.’

Sebastopol OKs drive-thru moratorium

The Sebastopol City Council on Tuesday imposed an immediate moratorium on new drive-thrus, an action that could further delay the controversial CVS Pharmacy-Chase Bank branch project at the city center.

Sebastopol adopts law to help bicyclists, pedestrians

Sebastopol became the first city in Sonoma County and one of few in the nation to pass an ordinance that makes it easier for bicyclists and pedestrians to sue drivers who threaten or harass them.

Sebastopol appoints land use consultants to Planning Commission

Land use consultants Scot Stegeman and Russ Pinto were appointed to the Sebastopol Planning Commission on Tuesday. The two were praised by the council for their long experience in land use planning, which are beneficial attributes as the city gets ready to update the General Plan for the first time in 20 years.

Outgoing Sebastopol mayor urges end to bitterness

Two new members were seated on the Sebastopol City Council Tuesday night, in a meeting where the outgoing mayor made an eloquent plea for the city to reunite after what had been a divisive and bitter election season.

Sebastopol may require solar arrays on new businesses

The city of Sebastopol, which prides itself on being a small community with a big solar energy footprint, will consider requiring photovoltaic arrays on new commercial construction. ‘It would be groundbreaking and it could really lead towards something,’ said Councilman Patrick Slayter, an architect who is proposing the idea. ‘The city of Sebastopol and the County of Sonoma have pretty aggressive greenhouse gas reduction goals and this is moving towards meeting them.’

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