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Law firm finds no conflict of interest in school board member’s Doyle Park vote

Santa Rosa school board trustee Tad Wakefield had no conflict of interest when he cast the deciding vote on March 16 that resulted in the closure of Doyle Park Elementary School, according to an independent legal opinion released Friday. The six-page opinion echoes the assessment of the school board’s own legal counsel, and concludes that Wakefield did not violate conflict of interest laws or policies when he voted to close the Doyle Park campus to make way for the French American Charter School.

Santa Rosa school board seeks legal opinion on Doyle Park closure vote

The Santa Rosa school board is still waiting for a second opinion on whether its vote to close Doyle Park Elementary School to make way for a French American Charter School was tainted by conflict of interest. Board president Larry Haenel said Thursday that the matter was being reviewed by a law firm that specializes in legal matters affecting education institutions and public agencies.

Doyle Park perseveres after closure decision

After hours of emotional and highly charged public discussion laced with accusations of racism and discrimination, the Santa Rosa school board voted shortly after 1 a.m. Thursday to close Doyle Park Elementary School and hand the campus over to the new French-American charter school. The vote was 4-2 in favor of closing Doyle Park at the end of the current school year.

New vote on Doyle Park school closure

The Santa Rosa City Schools board is expected today to once again vote on the closure of Doyle Park Elementary School. The vote comes just weeks after board members deadlocked over closing the school. But pressure to find a suitable campus for a French-American charter school has put the proposal to close Doyle Park back on the table.

Doyle Park Elementary School closure back on agenda

A controversial proposal to close Doyle Park Elementary School, a move thought by some to be dead at least for this school year, will be brought back to the Santa Rosa City Schools board on March 14. Board President Larry Haenel confirmed Tuesday that the proposal would be placed on the agenda for next week’s meeting. The agenda will be released to the public on Friday.

Doyle Park school to remain open

A controversial proposal to close Doyle Park Elementary School failed Wednesday night after the Santa Rosa school board did not have enough votes to go forward. The proposal, which generated a huge community outburst after being presented last month, would have shuttered the 61-year-old campus at the end of the school year.

Santa Rosa superintendent search is on

Santa Rosa City Schools is pressing forward with finding a new superintendent after accepting Sharon Liddell’s resignation late Wednesday. Liddell announced Friday that she is leaving the district after seven years as superintendent.

Plan to close Doyle Park school faces criticism

Should Doyle Park Elementary School be closed and replaced with a French charter school? Some teachers and parents expressed concern that the school, which serves a large number of Spanish-speaking students, will be replaced by a French school with predominantly white and affluent students.

Santa Rosa schools may add classroom days back to schedule

Santa Rosa City Schools is considering adding at least one, and as many as three, instructional days to the current school year as officials await word on final state budget numbers. The moves are being made in anticipation of revised budget figures from Sacramento — numbers that could force the district to come back to the calendar and cut a day in May if anticipated revenues don’t show up in state coffers.

Tweets, kids and expletives

I was in a group of parents and children watching my daughter’s soccer game one recent morning, when a woman, talking on a cell phone next to me, suddenly blurted out loudly, “Get the f**k out of here!” She wasn’t angry. She was excited. Big smile. A number of heads turned, but she offered no apology. I [...]

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