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Record shows Rohnert Park candidates’ similarities

They have ended up on opposite sides of the campaign. But viewed through their major votes on the city’s planning commission, the differences between Rohnert Park City Council candidates John Borba and Amy Ahanotu are relatively slight. The fifth candidate in the race, Roger Schwanke, has run a low-key campaign. Part 3 of our series looking at the Rohnert Park council race.

Spotlight: Rohnert Park City Council race

There has been no shortage of drama in the Rohnert Park City Council race. A blizzard of attack fliers. The re-emergence of a controversial former city manager. The disappearance of one candidate from the campaign trail amid personal troubles. And there’s still three weeks ’til Election Day. Today, we turn the WSC spotlight on the campaign in Rohnert Park.

October campaign finance reports: Rohnert Park City Council

Five candidates for Rohnert Park City Council have raised $39,000 to fund their campaigns, but almost $28,000 is in the form of loans from the candidates themselves. A sixth candidate did not file a disclosure by Tuesday’s deadline. Follow the money with us in Rohnert Park.

Endorsement Watch: Rohnert Park City Council

The Press Democrat Editorial Board endorsed Amy Ahanotu and Pam Stafford in the Rohnert Park City Council race. Did the PD Editorial Board make the right picks? Disagree with the choices? Discuss the endorsements here.

Rohnert Park council candidate embroiled in domestic dispute

The wife of Rohnert Park City Council candidate Jack Rosevear was granted a temporary emergency protective order after a domestic dispute that unfolded Friday and Saturday. Rosevear said he never threatened his wife and suggested the incident was publicized by opponents.

Meet the Candidates: Rohnert Park City Council

Six candidates are seeking two seats on the Rohnert Park City Council. See how they answered the WSC questionnaire on local issues.

Rohnert Park: Breeze won’t run again

Rohnert Park Councilwoman Amie Breeze did not file to run for re-election. Her decision means potential candidates have until Aug. 11 to return candidate papers.

Rohnert Park fire commander says agency is in crisis

In a blistering critique, the commander of the Rohnert Park Public Safety Department’s fire division said the agency is in disarray. Fire Commander Jack Rosevear says the division lacks support from managers and the City Council, it is hampered by senior officers resistant to change, and it is beset by low morale.

Crowded field for Rohnert Park council seats

At least four people say they will run for two seats that are open for election. Both will be first-time candidates. The seats are held by Mayor Pam Stafford, who said she will be a candidate, and Councilwoman Amie Breeze, who has not said whether she will run.