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Santa Rosa may revise rules for campaign robocalls

Santa Rosa is working to update its campaign finance rules to help the public better understand who’s behind those pesky political robocalls.

Mystery lingers about source of robo-calls targeting Wysocky

Who funded a last-minute robo-call slamming Santa Rosa City Councilman Gary Wysocky? Two weeks after the election, the person or group behind the calls remains a mystery.

GOLIS: Making politics fun again

Even if you don’t live in Cotati or Rohnert Park, even if you know absolutely nothing about Karyn Pulley, you may want to vote for her. Pulley is the school board member targeted last week by a pair of robo-calls from an anonymous detractor.

E-mail ignites controversy in Forestville school board race

A candidate for the Forestville School Board apologized Monday and blamed her “naiveté” for an election controversy after she asked a district employee to forward a political e-mail via a school district account. Some complained a robo-call from the candidates sounded like it was issued by the school.