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Supervisors support $547 million deal for national firm to operate landfill

Sonoma County supervisors Tuesday voiced support for a move that would expand the county’s central landfill by permanently turning over operations to a national solid waste contractor, starting with a 20-year deal with worth an estimated $547 million.

Sonoma County, private operator near $547 million deal to run troubled landfill

The latest solution to Sonoma County’s garbage situation is a 20-year contract worth more than half a billion dollars that would outsource operations of the solid waste system.

It would give control of the county’s troubled 42-year-old central landfill west of Cotati to an Arizona company with $8 billion in annual revenue. But it would keep the site, and the county’s five waste transfer stations, in public ownership.

The proposal is being called the largest public-private business deal in county history and is headed to the Board of Supervisors for the first time Tuesday.

Apartments proposed for Rohnert Park ballpark site

The company behind the only residential housing developments in Rohnert Park in the past 12 years is back with a project that would punctuate a sore chapter for the city.

Money flows into Santa Rosa City Council race

Campaign cash has surged into the coffers of Santa Rosa’s City Council candidates over the past three months, a sign that the seven-way race for four seats is heating up.

Healdsburg council raises garbage rates

It’s going to cost a little more in Healdsburg to have your trash hauled away. The City Council on Monday night unanimously approved a garbage rate increase of approximately 3 percent for residential customers.

Supes extend garbage contract for 20 years

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to confirm an existing 20-year franchise agreement for garbage collection with Redwood Empire Disposal, part of the Ratto Group of Companies. The agreement provides additional services – including roadside litter and large dead-animal pickup duties – that had been suspended by the county due to budget cuts.

County landfill reopens to uncertain future

Sonoma County’s central landfill, thought to be dead and buried beneath a pile of politics and environmental concerns, reopened Wednesday. An Arizona company will now operate the central landfill for two years. But its long-term future remains unclear.

County awards contracts to reopen landfill, haul trash

The Board of Supervisors approved a plan Tuesday to hire Republic Services to reopen the county’s shuttered central landfill and retain the Ratto Group to continue operating its waste transfer stations. The pair of two-deals are valued at $11.6 million.

Cost set for new county garbage contracts

The Ratto Group will continue to operate four of the county’s five waste transfer stations — the fifth, at the central landfill is overseen by the county — and haul at least a portion of local trash to a landfill in Solano County. Ratto’s current contract for that work expires Aug. 31.

Healdsburg poised to extend garbage contract

The Healdsburg City Council is poised to extend its contract with the city’s garbage hauler for 10 years after the company agreed to sweeten its offer for a long-term deal. The extension would add about 1.5 percent to a typical residential bill in the first year.

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