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Cotati City Council warms to county power agency

Sonoma County officials appear close to enlisting another city into the fold of its clean power agency — albeit one of the smaller ones.

Petaluma weighs public power agency

Petaluma’s city leaders Monday night dug into the structure and risks of the planned Sonoma Clean Power Authority, an alternative to utility giant PG&E promised to bring a greener product to county residents.

Sebastopol listens to public power agency pitch

Sonoma County officials made their first pitch for a public power agency on Tuesday night to the Sebastopol City Council, with seven more stops to go in a campaign to enroll eight cities in a plan to supplant PG&E as their sole source of electricity.

Sonoma County kickstarts a public power agency

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors Tuesday voted to implement a public power program for all homes and businesses outside city limits with plans to expand countywide.

Power brokers: Sonoma County plan imminent

Five months from now, Sonoma County intends to launch its program to become the power supplier to 220,000 local homes and businesses, displacing Pacific Gas and Electric Co. from its position of energy dominance.

Santa Rosa council seeks more information on downtown PG&E cleanup

Members of the Santa Rosa City Council on Tuesday demanded more information about the status of a long-delayed cleanup project on the banks of Santa Rosa Creek downtown.

A toxic legacy in downtown Santa Rosa

Downtown, on the north bank of Santa Rosa Creek, a large mural of a fish graces a concrete retaining wall along the Prince Memorial Greenway.
The colorful artwork is meant to celebrate one of the key goals of the $25 million public works project — the restoration of the creek’s aquatic habitat.
But the health of the creek remains threatened by what lies hidden behind that retaining wall — soil and groundwater contaminated with a toxic brew of oil and other poisonous byproducts left behind at a former manufactured-gas plant.
Pacific Gas & Electric Co. closed the plant in 1924 and now is spending tens of millions of dollars to clean the site at First and B streets, now mostly covered by the parking lot of the Westamerica Bank building.
But 26 years after regulators ordered the property cleaned up, it still hasn’t been and won’t be for years.

Sebastopol, PG&E face off over SmartMeters again

The city of Sebastopol’s uneasy stalemate with PG&E over the installation of SmartMeters faces another test today when the two sides meet again.

For now, Sebastopol backs off SmartMeter ban

Sebastopol has temporarily stopped enforcing its recently-enacted moratorium on the installation of SmartMeters, citing shaky legal ground and the risk of being sued.

PG&E won’t comply with Sebastopol SmartMeter ban

Sebastopol and PG&E appear to be on a collision course following the city’s adoption Thursday of a ban on the installation of SmartMeters, the controversial wireless devices that critics contend are a threat to public health.

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