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Windsor OKs raises for city employees

After three years without a raise, Town of Windsor employees will be getting a 2 percent annual salary increase each of the next two years.

New SMART chief receives $312,788 compensation package

The new general manager for the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit district, veteran Marin County public works administrator Farhad Mansourian, has a compensation package that puts him near the top of the pay scale for North Bay public officials. “This is not a typical public works project, nor is he a typical hire,” said SMART Director Carol Russell, a Cloverdale councilwoman and retired professional recruiter.

Santa Rosa approves pay raise for firefighters

The Santa Rosa City Council approved $2.1 million in concessions from its employees Tuesday, including a divisive deal that gives firefighters 6 percent raises but requires them to contribute most of that increase over the next two years toward the cost of their pensions. Is it a money-saver that moves the city closer to long-term pension reform? Or a short-sighted move that locks the city into a bad contract for another year?

How much do they make?

A new database reveals how much money was paid to each of the 8,618 city and county workers in Sonoma County last year, ranging from a lifeguard in Rohnert Park to the county’s top administrator. Nearly 1,200 city and county workers in Sonoma County earned more than $100,000, a plateau that is reached by a higher percentage of workers in the public sector than their counterparts in the private sector. Find out how much workers in your town earn.

The politics of pay cuts

Santa Rosa City Council candidate Larry Haenel is volunteering to take a 5 percent pay cut if elected, matching the salary cut sought by the city from its workers. “I think we should lead by example,” Haenel said. So why aren’t some union leaders and council members applauding?

Santa Rosa firefighters defer pay raises

The city’s 140 firefighters were due to receive 3.5 percent raises July 1, but agreed to set them aside for one year. The concession is expected to save the city $690,000 as it struggles to close a $3.8 million hole in its budget.

The politics of pay raises

How confident is Rep. Lynn Woolsey in her re-election? She was one of 15 House members who voted in favor of a congressional pay raise today. The $1,700 cost-of-living increase failed on a 402-15 vote.

CA lawmakers highest-paid in nation

A new report shows that even with recent pay cuts, California’s state lawmakers are the highest paid in the nation.