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Santa Rosa’s Meter Beaters back downtown for holidays

Those people in Santa hats and red sweatshirts are at it again, feeding expired parking meters in downtown Santa Rosa and Railroad Square to save folks from a $35 parking ticket.

Healdsburg’s bid for two parking lots rejected

Healdsburg’s bid to assume ownership of two downtown parking lots acquired by its defunct redevelopment agency has been rejected by the state.

Santa Rosa to test new downtown parking meters

Santa Rosa is gearing up to take a couple of parking meters for a test drive this week.

Santa Rosa to test two companies’ parking meters

Santa Rosa is preparing to install high-tech parking meters from two rival companies to help it decide which system is best equipped to replace the much-maligned downtown parking kiosks.

Petaluma buys high-tech license-plate readers

Petaluma motorists who dawdle while downtown may want to invest in some timers. The city is preparing to purchase two GPS-aided, license-plate readers for its parking enforcement officers to more efficiently ticket vehicles parked longer than the two-hour limit.

Failing the parking test

Memo to Sonoma State University: When you picked your parking meters, presumably via competitive bids, was the vendor required to guarantee some level of reliability? The answer is no, or you got taken.

GOLIS: Parking meters for sale

Santa Rosa City Hall has shown an unfortunate propensity for missteps when it comes to downtown parking. Over the years, the litany of common complaints include overzealous enforcement, high fees and costly fines, parking meters that don’t work, dark and dingy garages and yes, inconvenient pay stations.

Santa Rosa council votes to bring back parking meters

Santa Rosa is moving forward with a plan to rip out dozens of relatively new downtown parking stations that merchants said were baffling to their customers and bad for business.

Santa Rosa may spend $172K to bring back parking meters

Four years after ripping out hundreds of parking meters downtown, Santa Rosa is considering putting them back in, this time with high-tech versions meant to be more user-friendly than the much-maligned pay stations.

Sonoma County zoning board rejects beach parking fee proposal

A Sonoma County zoning board Thursday soundly rejected the state’s application to expand the number of beaches along the Sonoma Coast where visitors would be charged for parking. The unanimous decision of the Board of Zoning Adjustments was expected, and likely sets up another showdown on the contentious issue before county supervisors.

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