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Mayor accuses Santa Rosa councilman of creating hostile work environment

Santa Rosa Mayor Scott Bartley has filed a complaint against Councilman Gary Wysocky, accusing him of creating a hostile work environment at City Hall following an argument he had with City Attorney Caroline Fowler in the tense days following the Andy Lopez shooting.

In 2-way race for Santa Rosa mayor, 1 big puzzle

The official election results are in, but who’ll be the next mayor of Santa Rosa remains anyone’s guess.
Once new City Council members Erin Carlstrom and Julie Combs are sworn in Tuesday, the new council’s first order of business will be to select a mayor from their ranks.
It’s usually a predictable decision, with the gavel (and an extra $400 per month) passing to the most experienced member in the majority who has not yet held the post.
But this year all bets are off.
The election of attorney Erin Carlstrom has upended the city’s political apple cart, making the 29-year-old political newcomer the swing vote on the issue and leading to intense speculation about whom she’ll support.
Carlstrom says she’s taking the decision seriously and has been listening closely to a variety of viewpoints.

WSC readers expect tight races

No, it’s not scientific. But WSC readers think the City Council races in Santa Rosa and Petaluma will be very tight. In June, you got 3 out of 4 races right. Who do you like this time?

Money reveals divide between Petaluma candidates

If you look at their contributors, the candidates for Petaluma City Council and mayor are clearly divided between progressive and building interests. A breakdown of the new campaign finance reports.

Mayoral foes give vision for Petaluma

The top candidates for mayor in Petaluma faced off in a debate Tuesday, offering their plans on how the City Council can guide the city to financial stability as the economy recovers from recession. Which one has the best vision for the city?

October campaign finance reports: Petaluma Mayor and City Council

Candidates were forced to show their cards Tuesday, when the first round of campaign finance reports were due. See who’s winning the money race in Petaluma.

Endorsement Watch: Petaluma Mayor and City Council

The Press Democrat Editorial Board endorsed Jeff Mayne for Petaluma mayor and Mike Harris, Jason E. Davies and Ray Johnson for Petaluma City Council. Did the PD Editorial Board make the right picks? Disagree with the choices? Discuss the endorsements here.

Petaluma council, mayor candidates to debate again

Petaluma residents have another opportunity to compare their candidates for City Council and mayor side-by-side in the next two weeks. The next debates are courtesy of the Petaluma Area Chamber of Commerce and the Argus-Courier newspaper.

VIDEO: Sept. 21 Petaluma council and mayoral forum

Watch the crowded field of candidates for the Petaluma City Council and mayor’s post in a video replay of their forum at City Hall.

Petaluma candidates united in opposition to Measure U

Ten candidates for Petaluma City Council and mayor sought to set themselves apart from the herd Tuesday night by firing off their best answers to crucial questions in one-minute bursts during a forum at City Hall.

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