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An issue of identity

For some, the decision by local law enforcement officials to accept Mexican consular IDs represents a violation of the rule of law and an official acceptance of the growing presence of illegal immigrants. But police say it is the most sensible way to play the hand dealt to them by ineffective federal lawmakers who have failed to address issues surrounding illegal immigration. What is your take?

Sheriff, Santa Rosa police recognize Mexico IDs

The Santa Rosa High School auditorium Sunday had the feel of part victorious political rally, part community party and part tent revival as Sonoma County’s two largest law enforcement agencies announced they would begin accepting Mexican consular cards as a valid identification. The cards will reduce the number of people booked into jail for lacking identification or for traffic offenses. And that will lead to fewer deportations from the jail.

Mexican consulate card set for ID status

Local law enforcement officials are expected to announce today a countywide policy of accepting Mexican consular ID cards as a valid form of identification. Such a move would could keep some illegal immigrants from landing in jail, where they most likely would be flagged by federal immigration officials.