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Supervisors support memorial park for Andy Lopez, lapel cameras for deputies

Sonoma County supervisors on Tuesday sought to map out their response to the Andy Lopez shooting with a robust plan of action, endorsing work on a memorial park in the Santa Rosa boy’s neighborhood and more than a dozen other proposals aimed at repairing trust in local government and law enforcement.

Sonoma County police seize 328 pounds of pot in anti-trafficking campaign

Sonoma County police seized more than $400,000 and 328 pounds of marijuana during a fall campaign to stop drug traffickers on Highway 101 during the outdoor marijuana harvest.

Mexican consulate card set for ID status

Local law enforcement officials are expected to announce today a countywide policy of accepting Mexican consular ID cards as a valid form of identification. Such a move would could keep some illegal immigrants from landing in jail, where they most likely would be flagged by federal immigration officials.

Clash over checkpoints

Sonoma County activists are decrying the impound policy at police DUI checkpoints, saying the loss of cars creates undue hardship for illegal immigrants caught driving without a license.

GUEST OPINION: Why we’re protesting police impounds

“Lest readers not understand anything else about the protest against police checkpoints, they should understand that I support law enforcement efforts to get drunken drivers off our roads. My problem is with our police taking advantage of the poorest people of our community by implementing an impound policy that is contrary to current law.”