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Healdsburg voters favor spending extra revenue on roads, sidewalks

Healdsburg soon will reap extra revenue from a half-cent sales tax increase approved by voters. But how should that million bucks or so be spent? The answer from a survey of residents was overwhelmingly clear: fix the streets.

Healdsburg reconsiders 1st 1-way street

Continuing complaints about the confusing and ‘counterintuitive’ one-way traffic direction on Foss Creek Circle prompted the Healdsburg City Council on Monday to reconsider reverting back to a two-way street, or even reversing the one-way direction.

Healdsburg embracing roundabout to ease traffic flow

Healdsburg is moving ahead with a traffic roundabout at a key intersection, but without the opposition the circular intersections have engendered in some towns.

Healdsburg OKs $1 million sewage project

Healdsburg’s plan to use its highly treated wastewater for irrigation rather than discharge it into the Russian River took a step forward Monday with the budgeting of $1 million to build part of a pipeline network.

Healdsburg urges use of rail bridge for cyclists, pedestrians

Healdsburg’s City Council is urging rail officials to allow an unused railroad bridge over the Russian River to be employed as a temporary bicycle and pedestrian crossing, but the possible resumption of freight train service may derail the proposal.

Cyclists’ detour dilemma in Healdsburg

Healdsburg City Council agreed Monday the most viable alternative for cyclists once Memorial Bridge closes for fix-it work next year is an old rail bridge.