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Sonoma’s identity at heart of hotel limits debate

Sonoma has been roiled by a controversial ballot measure that could make it exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, to build a new hotel in the city or expand a current one beyond 25 rooms. More broadly, Measure B is viewed as a referendum on the city’s future.

Sonoma appears poised to join Sonoma Clean Power

Sonoma’s mayor appears to have overcome his reservations about Sonoma Clean Power, the fledgling public agency, possibly paving the way for the city to become the fifth in the county to join the program.

Cities’ clout at issue in first Sonoma Clean Power meeting

A tussle for control over the future of Sonoma Clean Power dominated the agency’s first public meeting Tuesday, with county officials rejecting for now a request by smaller cities for more say over how the agency is governed.

Sonoma takes unexpected stand on Drakes Bay Oyster Co.

Situated about 50 miles from Drakes Estero in Marin County, the landlocked city of Sonoma would seem an unlikely place to take a stand in an oyster company’s fight for survival. But colorful signs supporting the Drakes Bay Oyster Co. have popped up all over town, and the Sonoma City Council on Monday unanimously adopted a resolution calling on state and federal legislators to intervene on the company’s behalf.

Sonoma official wants to evaluate effects of proposed hotel limits

Sonoma’s city manager wants the authority to hire a consultant to evaluate a proposed ballot measure that would limit hotel expansion, before a single petition in support of the initiative has yet to hit the streets.

Sonoma citizens’ group seeks ballot initiative limiting hotel development

A Sonoma group that includes a former mayor of the city is seeking a ballot initiative to limit hotel development, including the controversial Chateau Sonoma & Spa proposed near the Plaza.

Dog flap nearly stops Sonoma acquisition of Montini Preserve

A heated dispute Monday over whether dogs should be allowed on property that forms Sonoma’s backdrop nearly derailed the City Council from formally authorizing acquisition of the site.

Sonoma City Council proposal scales back chain-store restrictions

A controversial proposal to restrict chain stores in Sonoma has been significantly scaled back amid infighting among city leaders who are at odds over the issue. The original proposal called for banning all “formula businesses” from Sonoma’s historic Plaza and enacting new use permit requirements elsewhere in the city. But the latest version, which is supported by a slim majority on the City Council, calls for banning only formula restaurants on the plaza.

Chain-store debate continues in Sonoma

Opponents of proposed chain-store restrictions in Sonoma won a victory last week when city leaders backed away from enacting a temporary ban. But with a narrow majority on the City Council clearly favoring the concept, it’s probably only a matter of months before the city of 10,000 joins a select few nationwide that have such regulations. What, if anything, should the City Council do?

Sonoma rejects chain store ban

After days of making national news, Sonoma city leaders on Wednesday backed away from enacting a temporary ban on chain stores. Some saw the proposal as a way to protect the town’s character, but others said it would shut out economic development. Was it the right decision?

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