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HERTZ: Insights on polling and public opinion from a master

Bodega Bay pollster Richard Hertz recently sat down with Mervin Field, who created the widely-respected Field Poll. He thinks that systematic public opinion polling is one of the greatest social inventions of the 20th century, providing an important link between the public and its governmental, business and institutional leaders. Plus, his thoughts on the importance of evaluating conflicting facts.

HERTZ: Where to find the links between money and politics

In order to help reduce the influence special interest groups have on lawmakers, the single most important step individuals can take is to learn more about which groups are financially supporting the candidates they’ll be voting on. Bodega Bay pollster Richard Hertz offers some handy links to make the job easy.

HERTZ: Money and Politics — Who are some of the big special interest groups?

There have always been people or groups seeking to influence government for their personal gain. The problem today is soliciting campaign contributions and doing the bidding of special interests has become lawmakers’ main focus, Bodega Bay pollster Richard Hertz says.

HERTZ: How we can fix America’s political system

How can we make America’s political system function more like the founders had in mind? Bodega Bay pollster Richard Hertz has some suggestions. In his first column for WSC, Hertz says we need to find ways to reduce three things: the influence of money, the importance of political parties and the level of apathy and anger toward government. What do you think about his proposals?