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Scale of Petaluma’s future development shifts

The proposals that yielded Petaluma’s two largest shopping centers, both anchored by big-box chains, created heated disagreements among the community and the City Council on what size and style of development were appropriate for Sonoma County’s second-largest city.

The Target project sparked two lawsuits and a $150,000 settlement with an opposition group, while developers of the Friedman’s project agreed to fund nearly $200,000 in amenities opponents wanted in order to head off threatened litigation.

Now that the nastiest development battles of the past decade are over, with Target’s East Washington Place already open and Friedman’s Deer Creek center well underway, what’s next for development in Petaluma?

Temporary ban on Petaluma gas stations fails

The Petaluma City Council on Monday night rejected a proposed moratorium on gas stations that would have prohibited Safeway from building a fueling station in front of its North McDowell Boulevard store.

Harris leads money race in Petaluma council race

While Election Day still appears as a tiny dot on the horizon, fundraising continues in Petaluma for the November 2014 campaign.

Windsor mulls gun control topic

Windsor Council members are divided on whether to take up the volatile topic of gun control, a national issue over which they have little say.

Petaluma Councilman Harris to challenge Mayor Glass in 2014

Longtime Councilman Mike Harris has entered the race for Petaluma mayor, setting the stage for a rousing election next year that could again tip the political scales in Petaluma.

Petaluma Planning Commission gets more pro-development

For the second time in four years, the Petaluma Planning Commission has undergone a wholesale makeover, this time at the hands of the business friendly City Council majority.

Westside subdivision proposal goes before Petaluma council

Petaluma City Council members are bracing for a lengthy hearing tonight on the draft environmental impact report for a controversial housing proposal on hilly land on the western outskirts of town.

Petaluma Highway 101 bottleneck could get worse before getting better

The historically congested stretch of Highway 101 south of Petaluma is primed for work that eventually will widen the corridor and provide relief for what is known as the Novato Narrows bottleneck. But don’t get too excited, drivers.

Familiar faces get early start in 2014 Petaluma City Council race fundraising

The Petaluma City Council election is almost two years away, but three candidates already are on the campaign trail raising money.
Three council seats and the separately elected mayor’s position will be on the Nov. 4, 2014 ballot.

Petaluma City Council backs gun-control bill

The Petaluma City Council waded into the national gun control debate Monday night by backing a proposal to renew and broaden a federal ban on assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition magazines.

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