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Santa Rosa raises Sonoma Clean Power stakes; Sebastopol votes to join

The prospects for Santa Rosa joining the launch of Sonoma Clean Power dimmed Tuesday after the City Council strongly signaled it won’t participate unless several changes to the agency’s governing structure are met prior to a July 9 vote.

Sebastopol sets vote on public power agency

Sebastopol’s green-minded City Council will consider joining the Sonoma County Clean Power Authority in two weeks, leaving room to make the latest deadline for participation in a plan aimed at providing communities with an alternative to PG&E.

Sebastopol listens to public power agency pitch

Sonoma County officials made their first pitch for a public power agency on Tuesday night to the Sebastopol City Council, with seven more stops to go in a campaign to enroll eight cities in a plan to supplant PG&E as their sole source of electricity.

PG&E gets earful over SmartMeters at Santa Rosa hearing

Two hundred people turned out Thursday in Santa Rosa to rail against PG&E SmartMeters, complaining that individual opt-out fees are unfair, that cities should be able to get out of the program and that the wireless technology is a health threat.

Sebastopol appoints land use consultants to Planning Commission

Land use consultants Scot Stegeman and Russ Pinto were appointed to the Sebastopol Planning Commission on Tuesday. The two were praised by the council for their long experience in land use planning, which are beneficial attributes as the city gets ready to update the General Plan for the first time in 20 years.

Outgoing Sebastopol mayor urges end to bitterness

Two new members were seated on the Sebastopol City Council Tuesday night, in a meeting where the outgoing mayor made an eloquent plea for the city to reunite after what had been a divisive and bitter election season.

Sebastopol City Council gives final OK to CVS project

The controversial CVS Pharmacy project, already subjected to two dozen meetings and hours of public debate over a two-year span, received final approval after midnight Wednesday by the City Council. In a 3 to 2 vote, the council approved the final design for project by Armstrong Development of Sacramento, overturning an earlier rejection by the Design Review Board to design approval.

Sebastopol City Council defers action on water, sewage rate hikes

The Sebastopol City Council deferred taking action on a proposal to sharply increase water and sewer rates until alternative, lower hikes can be explored.

Sebastopol Council rejects CVS design

A controversial proposal by CVS Pharmacy to build at one of Sebastopol’s most visible intersections was in limbo Wednesday after the City Council rejected its design plans. Now the developer, who declined comment, must decide whether to revise the design, give up the project already approved by the City Council after a year of discussion or consider legal action.

Video, email agitate Sebastopol CVS debate

The contentious debate over the CVS Pharmacy project in Sebastopol is tinged with complaints of bias and free speech violations. Opponents sought to have Sebastopol City Councilwoman Kathleen Shaffer disqualified from the vote, contending that a misdirected email showed that she was biased in favor of the project. And they complained the mayor violated their rights to free speech by barring a slide show.

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