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GUEST OPINION: The flaw in our democracy

The great flaw in our democracy is that the majority can always vote to take a disproportionate price from a minority. Everyone’s vote counts the same regardless of your contributions. Legislating morality, taxing success and generally narcissistic behavior are the great issues of our time.

GUEST OPINION: Vote yes on Propositions 30 and 38

The California School Boards Association, which represents more than 1,000 school districts, has endorsed Proposition 38 along with Proposition 30. I too support this position because both propositions are good for schools, and they would provide critically needed revenues.

GUEST OPINION: Use vote to halt widening of wealth gap

With the fall elections upon us, Californians are reeling under a weak recovery, enduring both historic levels of income inequality and the most severe fiscal crisis in recent history. To address the crisis we must have some common sense remedies: raise taxes on the wealthy and build a movement for a fair and more equitable tax system.

GUEST OPINION: Measure V needed for health of Healdsburg

This is in response to the Saturday editorial titled ‘Timing is wrong for local sales tax hikes.’ We strongly disagree. Healdsburg’s Measure V is necessary for the ongoing fiscal health of the city.

GUEST OPINION: County libraries should be protected

A committee is being formed to consider revising the joint powers agreement under which the Sonoma County Library System has operated since 1975. It is imperative to understand what changes are desired before the JPA is revised. The risk is that the changes could do irreparable harm — to the sharing of materials, to funding and to intellectual freedom.

GUEST OPINION: Quixote alive and well in Sebastopol

It is bizarre to suppose that Sebastopol can be reconstituted as an old-timey pedestrian-centric village simply by harassing a developer who wants to rebuild on property that is now an eyesore. A property that has always been valued precisely for its accessibility to passing motorists. The demand for an environmental impact study is a stalling tactic and a misuse of that important safeguard.

GUEST OPINION: Too many unknowns with Petaluma tax measure

‘Of immediate concern is that the money to be raised is inadequate to fully fund the projects specified. There remains a $2 million shortfall even if the tax is approved. No source for the additional funding has been identified and given today’s economic environment can likely be found.’

GUEST OPINION: Why research funding needs the North Bay’s help

Nearly everyone agrees that our health is important and that biomedical research is an excellent use of taxpayers’ dollars. However, some see science as a luxury that can be cut from the federal budget. In response to pressure from vocal anti-science groups and some shortsighted congressional representatives, the National Institutes of Health budget has been flat-lined for the past several years.

GUEST OPINION: The reasons why Sebastopol’s CVS/Chase debate will continue

Early Wednesday, the Sebastopol City Council, by a split 3-2 vote, allowed the controversial Chase/CVS development to go forward, with a couple of conditions. However, the struggle against Chase/CVS is far from over, for at least two main reasons — a pending lawsuit and the upcoming City Council elections. Opponents continue organizing to prevent these two major corporations from anchoring the downtown commons.

GUEST OPINION: Looking for a balanced solution to state’s pension problem

In an era of fiscal limits, my goal has been to play a leadership role in discussions and decisions about spending our precious tax dollars, with an eye toward balancing the needs and interests of the people who depend on public programs and services, the workers who provide those programs and services, and everyone who pays for them with their tax dollars.

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