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Golis: Santa Rosa grabs for your cellphone

Let’s begin this morning’s session with a show of hands. Who out there is excited about the Santa Rosa City Council’s plan to tax your cellphone?

GOLIS: When news and politics go viral

It was a few minutes before midnight, Texas time, and 183,000 of us were watching the Texas state Senate fall to pieces. Amid the shouting and the gamesmanship, here was compelling theater streaming live to our computer screens, and people all over the country were watching.

GOLIS: Santa Rosa council had a bad, bad week

The lawyers were busy last week with the usual back and forth about whether the Santa Rosa City Council broke the law by failing to disclose a $327,000 embarrassment.

GOLIS: Parking meters for sale

Santa Rosa City Hall has shown an unfortunate propensity for missteps when it comes to downtown parking. Over the years, the litany of common complaints include overzealous enforcement, high fees and costly fines, parking meters that don’t work, dark and dingy garages and yes, inconvenient pay stations.

GOLIS: Can local Republicans come back?

As leaders of the California Republican Party last week tried to explain the decline of GOP fortunes, what was most surprising is that they seemed surprised.

GOLIS: The bumpy road to smaller government

When it would have mattered, almost nobody complained that government wasn’t taking care of streets, roads, highways and other public investments. And so now we arrive at the intersection of declining tax revenues and old expectations about government’s promises to its citizenry.

GOLIS: One step forward and one step back

You may have read last week that Councilman Scott Bartley chose to introduce himself as the city’s new mayor by insulting a political critic. Being Santa Rosa, the usual huffing and puffing ensued.

GOLIS: Different? You can’t mean us

In this state, it turns out, we’re always happy to debate issues that matter to someone. And even if we occasionally wander into the weeds, I would argue our unconventional politics is something to be proud of. Let people in other states be afraid of new ideas.

GOLIS: A tough week for some incumbents

If you want to know why political insiders fought new election reforms in California, you could ask Assemblyman Michael Allen. Or congressmen Pete Stark and Howard Berman. Under the election rules that existed before this year, all three incumbents would be gathering with friends this weekend to celebrate victories in Tuesday’s elections. Instead, Allen, the former Santa Rosan, appears to be on his way to losing his North Bay Assembly seat, and Stark and Berman have already lost their congressional seats.

GOLIS: Making politics fun again

Even if you don’t live in Cotati or Rohnert Park, even if you know absolutely nothing about Karyn Pulley, you may want to vote for her. Pulley is the school board member targeted last week by a pair of robo-calls from an anonymous detractor.

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