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Deb Fudge wins Democratic endorsement in supervisor race

Windsor City Council member Deb Fudge has secured the endorsement of the Sonoma County Democratic Party in her quest to replace outgoing Fourth District Supervisor Mike McGuire, the party said Thursday.

Supervisor Efren Carrillo to appear in court Friday

Nearly three months after he was arrested in the pre-dawn darkness outside a Santa Rosa woman’s home, Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo returns to court Friday to see whether he will be charged with a crime.

Democrats stop short of immediate demand for Efren Carrillo’s resignation

Political support for embattled Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo crumbled further this week as the Sonoma County Democratic Party said Carrillo should resign if the recent criminal allegations facing him turn out to be accurate.

Democrats seek return of OT pay to temporary fair workers

The Sonoma County Democratic Party is demanding that county fair officials reverse a decision denying overtime pay to about 600 temporary workers at the annual event.

Labor groups call on Supervisor Efren Carrillo to resign

Two influential labor coalitions Wednesday called for Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo to resign, saying he has displayed ‘a pattern of poor choices and bad behavior’ that have brought ‘shame and discredit’ on the county and that he can no longer effectively represent his district or residents countywide.

Arrest fallout could stall Efren Carrillo’s political career

Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo’s arrest Saturday on suspicion of burglary and prowling is likely to curtail any short-term plans of his to seek higher office and could cut short or limit his career in local government, political observers said Sunday.

GUEST OPINION: Solomon offers doubletalk on Huffman

In March, Norman Solomon began a campaign apparently intended to scare seniors, create division in the Democratic Party and discredit Rep. Jared Huffman, D-San Rafael, for not signing a pledge which only 25 of the 535 members of the 113th Congress chose to lend their name. He claimed that Huffman was throwing seniors under the bus.

Santa Rosa faces test in replacing Gorin

On the day that Susan Gorin will be sworn in as the new Sonoma County 1st District supervisor, her former colleagues on the Santa Rosa City Council will begin the politically delicate task of replacing her. Several key questions facing the council Tuesday will determine how they’ll go about filling the vacancy.

In 2-way race for Santa Rosa mayor, 1 big puzzle

The official election results are in, but who’ll be the next mayor of Santa Rosa remains anyone’s guess.
Once new City Council members Erin Carlstrom and Julie Combs are sworn in Tuesday, the new council’s first order of business will be to select a mayor from their ranks.
It’s usually a predictable decision, with the gavel (and an extra $400 per month) passing to the most experienced member in the majority who has not yet held the post.
But this year all bets are off.
The election of attorney Erin Carlstrom has upended the city’s political apple cart, making the 29-year-old political newcomer the swing vote on the issue and leading to intense speculation about whom she’ll support.
Carlstrom says she’s taking the decision seriously and has been listening closely to a variety of viewpoints.

Allen loses bid for second term

Despite having a massive financial advantage and the backing of powerful Democratic Party and union allies, Santa Rosa Assemblyman Michael Allen lost his bid for another term to a relative political unknown.

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