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Santa Rosa may expand Roseland annexation area

Santa Rosa officials have agreed to consider expanding the Roseland annexation area but not enough to include the neighborhood where 13-year-old Andy Lopez was killed by a Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy.

Politicians pledge support for Roseland annexation

The heads of both Santa Rosa and Sonoma County governments briefed dozens of local Latino business and community leaders Friday on the latest move to annex unincorporated land in the Roseland neighborhood.

Supervisors question hefty costs of proposed detention facility

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday endorsed a county bid to seek an additional $24 million from the state to build a 160-bed detention and probation facility, but not before asking probing questions about the center’s hefty operating costs and how it would fit in the county’s criminal justice strategy.

Sonoma County hires new planning director

Sonoma County supervisors Tuesday hired as their new planning director a longtime Petaluman with experience in both public planning and private development.

Carrillo lawyer disputes evidence in middle-of-the-night arrest

A lawyer for Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo on Monday suggested the young politician was hoping to share beers with a neighbor around 3 a.m. shortly before his weekend arrest.

County budget could rise slightly

With the worst recession-driven woes apparently behind them, Sonoma County supervisors are set to consider increased spending on some core services and public infrastructure when they begin hearings Monday on a spending plan for the next fiscal year.

Sonoma County says workers who strike may be punished

Sonoma County government administrators have told members of the county’s largest labor union that they could be disciplined if they participate in a planned Feb. 28 strike and the walkout later is found to be unlawful by a state labor board.

County employees make plans for February strike

The largest group of unionized Sonoma County government employees plans to strike next month to protest what it says is county inaction on a union proposal to save taxpayer money and several other issues it says amount to unfair labor practices.

County implements state-mandated lower pensions for new hires

A day after many of its signature overhaul proposals were rejected in a lopsided union vote, Sonoma County took action Tuesday to implement state-mandated changes to employee pensions. The changes, most of which do not require labor’s approval, affect mainly future hires and are expected to help curb rising taxpayer costs over the long run.

County workers reject contract proposal

The largest union of Sonoma County government workers on Monday soundly rejected a proposed contract that would have cut their pensions and pay. Eighty-three percent of those workers, represented by Service Employees International Local 1021, who voted opposed the proposal.

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