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Congressmen Jared Huffman, Mike Thompson weigh in on possible government shutdown

A partial federal government shutdown starting Tuesday is the likely outcome of this weekend’s Capitol Hill drama over federal spending and Obamacare, the Redwood Empire’s two Democratic congressmen said.

GUEST OPINION: Promise not to cut is nothing like tax pledge

President Barack Obama is proposing to reduce the Social Security cost of living adjustment. And the president is also putting cuts in Medicare benefits on the negotiating table. But Social Security keeps vast numbers of seniors out of poverty, and Medicare is vital to keeping many people alive. At this historic moment, a principled position would be to commit to fully defending Social Security and Medicare benefits, as well as the federal Medicaid program that funds Medi-Cal in our state. But the North Coast’s new congressman, Jared Huffman, has been hedging.

Local effects of federal budget cuts still unknown

Local government officials are scrambling to assess the impact — still largely unknown — of the $85 billion in federal spending cuts due to begin taking effect Friday.

‘Sequester’ could close Sonoma County airport control tower

The air traffic control tower at Sonoma County’s regional airport may be shut down if the nation’s elected leaders can’t reach a budget deal by Friday, a scenario some fear could limit commercial passenger flights in and out of Santa Rosa or halt them entirely.

Sonoma County weighs in on ‘fiscal cliff’ repercussions

If the country heads over the fiscal cliff Tuesday, Californians will be slapped simultaneously with a slew of federal tax increases and higher state income and sales taxes from Proposition 30. Absent a last-minute deal, the federal tax increases alone will hit the average family with more than $3,500 in higher taxes in 2013.

See your share of the U.S. budget

Do you know your share of defense spending under the federal budget proposal unveiled Monday by President Barack Obama?