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Sonoma Clean Power extends deadline for holdout cities

Sonoma County’s new public power provider is renewing its effort to woo three holdout cities into the electricity venture with an eye on spreading fixed costs over a greater number of customers and further reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Cloverdale growth boundaries in limbo

Cloverdale’s plans for future growth continue to be a topic of debate and somewhat of a puzzle to the government officials who are responsible for setting the city’s ultimate boundaries.

Cloverdale imposes mandatory water conservation

Cloverdale on Wednesday became the second city in Sonoma County to impose mandatory water conservation measures, the day after neighboring Healdsburg did the same.

Cloverdale mayor optimistic about town, SMART

Newly appointed mayor Carol Russell sees brighter days ahead for Cloverdale, and also is confident that passenger train service eventually will make its way into town.

She’s not willing to predict when trains will roll into the city but says “I have every faith we will be sitting on that train in a few years.”

Poll: Tepid support for Cloverdale utility tax

A new survey of Cloverdale voters shows just barely enough support for a city-wide utility tax that could help the city dig out of its financial hole.

Safety measures likely for Cloverdale crosswalk

A Cloverdale crosswalk where two boys were seriously injured on Halloween and a woman was killed last summer is likely to get some major safety improvements.

Cloverdale council rejects four-way stop at dangerous intersection

An overflow crowd of sometimes angry, tearful and frustrated people implored the Cloverdale City Council Monday night to put in a traffic light or make other safety improvements at a crosswalk that was the scene of a fatality last summer and serious injuries for two teenage boys on Halloween night.

Cloverdale field of dreams ends in frustration

Ambitious plans for a baseball, skateboard and dog park in Cloverdale have been scrapped, disappointing supporters who have been working for years to make something happen.

Interim Cloverdale city manager likely to get permanent post

Paul Cayler, the interim city manager in Cloverdale for the past five months, appears to have passed his audition.

Cloverdale to test waters on tax hike

Four years ago, a survey found most Cloverdale voters opposed taxing themselves to help bail out their city government. But has sentiment changed enough that they might now support some form of new tax to help the cash-strapped city?

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