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State Supreme Court won’t hear Sonoma County’s appeal of wages ruling

In a closely watched case across California, the state Supreme Court has left in place a ruling that allows a home health care worker to sue Sonoma County for wages that her disabled client did not pay her.

The key issue was whether Sonoma County could be considered a ‘joint employer’ of the caretaker and therefore responsible for her unpaid wages.

Retirees’ health care suit against county reinstated

A federal appeals court has reinstated a lawsuit brought by retired Sonoma County government employees claiming the Board of Supervisors reneged on a pledge to provide lifetime health benefits.

State court upholds abolishing redevelopment agencies

Officials in Sonoma County struggled Thursday to gauge the local impact of a state Supreme Court ruling that upheld the state’s elimination of redevelopment agencies. Uncertainty remained about the ruling’s implications, especially to redevelopment projects already under way.

Supreme Court ruling could be costly for Sonoma County

The $250 million hole Sonoma County is in for unfunded retirement benefits could get deeper following a state Supreme Court decision that severely limits the ability of counties to cut health care benefits for retirees.

Why it’s important to publicize DUI checkpoints ahead of time

There’s been a lot of debate this week about a bill by a local legislator that would require police to give the public 48 hours before conducting a DUI checkpoint. The fact is this is nothing new. It’s been a court mandate for more than 20 years.