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Healdsburg officials to get update on troubled animal shelter Monday

Healdsburg Animal Shelter officials on Monday will provide an update on their operation to the City Council, capping a turbulent year in an organization rife with staff turnover and resignations on the board of directors. Despite work being halted indefinitely on its $3.5 million new shelter, mired in a lawsuit alleging construction defects, shelter officials say things have improved.

Healdsburg shelter lawsuit over construction troubles

Directors of the Healdsburg Animal Shelter are pinning their hopes on a lawsuit to collect the money to fix or rebuild their empty $3.5 million facility, which has been plagued by construction and design defects.
But they estimate it will take 18 months to two years to resolve the litigation and collect any funds, and perhaps another year after that to repair, or possibly dismantle and rebuild, the structure on Westside Road.
In the meantime, the cramped 52-year-old shelter across the road will continue to handle strays, and dogs and cats awaiting adoption.