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Rohnert Park to take casino sewage

The Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria casino resort next to Rohnert Park will be connected to the city’s sewer system under a deal approved by the City Council Tuesday. ‘It is the environmentally superior alternative,’ Mayor Jake Mackenzie said of the plan, which means the tribe will not build its own wastewater treatment plant or dispose of treated water on its Wilfred Avenue reservation.

Rohnert Park officials broach idea of sales tax extension

Rohnert Park officials are gingerly exploring the idea of asking voters to extend a temporary sales tax that has been critical to restoring the city’s finances. Rohnert Park residents approved Measure E — a five-year, half-cent tax — in 2010. It took full effect this year and is projected to bring in $2.4 million. It has helped draw down the city’s deficit to $330,000 from $2 million last year.

Rohnert Park budget shows signs of health

Rohnert Park will finish the second half of the fiscal year in far better fiscal condition than it started, the city’s mid-year budget shows. A projected $2 million deficit has been cut to $333,000 since July, a change due almost entirely to new sales tax revenue and employee wage and benefit concessions.

SMART board OKs rail station near Rohnert Park Expressway

The final approvals have been given to build a commuter rail station near Rohnert Park Expressway in Rohnert Park, the closest thing that city has to being a downtown civic center.

Mackenzie named mayor of Rohnert Park

Jake Mackenzie, the longest-serving member of Rohnert Park’s City Council, was elected mayor on Tuesday night by councilmembers. His first priority? The budget. He says the city needs to look at increasing revenues after years of cutting spending.

Rohnert Park hires economic development manager

In a move designed to revive its flagging finances, Rohnert Park has appointed a City Hall insider as economic development manager: Linda Babonis, the city’s Housing and Redevelopment manager. Her first steps? “Developing programs aimed at things like business retention, business growth and attracting business,” Babonis said.

Union ‘give-backs’ save Rohnert Park $1 million

Rohnert Park has erased its multi-million dollar budget deficit through labor agreements that extract nearly $1 million in concessions from two unions that represent a third of its workers.

Rohnert Park unions take their case to the public

Rohnert Park public works employees showed up en masse at Tuesday’s City Council meeting in a last-minute attempt to win public support as five months of contract negotiations come to a contentious close. Union leaders say they’re being asked to shoulder an unfair burden in the city’s attempt to close its budget deficit while administrators escape the same level of pain.

Rohnert Park won’t outsource police and fire service

UPDATE 7:30 PM: Rohnert Park will not contract out for police and fire services after reaching a labor deal laden with concessions from public safety workers. The agreement puts to rest a controversial proposal floated in February by the city manager to contract for police services with the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office and fire safety services from the Rancho Adobe Fire Protection District.

Public safety union fights outsourcing plan

Rohnert Park public safety officers have ramped up their offensive against City Hall’s exploration of outsourcing law enforcement and fire services. The public safety officers union sent a campaign-style mailer to residents revealing details from contract negotiatings, saying the city rejected $1.6 million in contract concessions, including cuts in pay and pension benefits.

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