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Santa Rosa tax hike challenged over grammar

Is there really such a thing as a quarter-cent? A Santa Rosa resident says the city should have asked voters to approve a “one quarter of a percent” sales tax, not a “one quarter-cent” sales tax. He is asking the Secretary of State to overturn Measure P, claiming the ballot wording is unenforceable.

One week later: still counting votes

Why does it take so long to count the votes from Election Day? The process is tedious but designed to make sure the results are accurate. Poll watchers are observing the count to make sure nothing goes wrong. A look inside Sonoma County’s election headquarters.

Ballot count should be completed by Thanksgiving

An estimated 31,000 ballots from Sonoma County voters still need to be counted. The final tally could change the outcome of school board races in the Piner-Olivet and Cotati-Rohnert Park school districts. Plus: Why did it take so long to get results from Petaluma on Election Night?

Election Day is here!

The polls just closed. Sonoma County election officials predict 72 percent turnout. More than half of the county’s mail-in voters have already returned their ballots. But late-arriving ballots may leave the most competitive races too close to call.

Chesbro challenger benefits from ballot pamphlet mistake

You won’t find an appeal from longtime North Coast legislator Wes Chesbro in the back of your voter pamphlet this year. So how did the Arcata Democrat’s challenger, Republican newcomer Karen Brooks, get her statement published in the county’s official voter booklet? It’s a mistake, according to county election officials. And they are not sure how to fix it.

Judge: Petaluma Measure U ballot argument misleading

5:00 PM UPDATE: A Sonoma County judge on Tuesday ordered last-minute changes to language submitted by supporters of a sewer-rate rollback measure on Petaluma’s November ballot, ruling the wording was inaccurate and misleading to voters.

Petaluma sewer rollback ballot language now in judge’s hands

A Sonoma County Superior Court judge is expected to rule Tuesday on Petaluma’s legal challenge to the wording of a sewer-rate rollback measure on November’s ballot. The city claims the ballot language is deceptive and misleading.

Petaluma sues to change arguments for sewer measure

The city of Petaluma is suing proponents of a sewer-rate rollback measure set for the Nov. 2 election. It claims the ballot arguments for Measure U are false and misleading. A hearing is scheduled Monday. But time to make any changes is quickly running out: Petaluma ballots go to the printer on Sept. 3.

Who’s on first?

Does it really make a difference to candidates where their names appear on the ballot? Certainly voters don’t simply mark the first name they see, right? You might just be surprised by the answer. A look at the local winners – and losers – in the lottery to determine the order of candidates’ names on the ballot.