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Update: Petaluma adopts tighter retirement benefits for new employees

The Petaluma City Council Thursday unanimously approved an amendment to its contract with the state retirement system to create a second tier of retirement benefits for new employees.

Union urges Petaluma to go slowly on staff cuts

Petaluma will soon begin negotiations with city workers in hopes of gaining concessions that could include pay cuts or higher contributions from employees for health care and pension benefits. The city’s unions were scrambling Tuesday to figure out the impact of the budget plan.

Glass apologizes for confronting union leader

Petaluma Mayor David Glass is apologizing for angrily confronting Assistant City Clerk Deborah Padovan last fall over her union’s role in the Nov. 2 election. Padovan filed a harassment complaint with the city, saying she feared that Glass would eliminate her job or retaliate in other ways for her union’s support of rival Jeff Mayne. In an interview Tuesday with the Argus-Courier, Glass apologized for the incident. “I am human and I make mistakes and I am not perfect,” he said.