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Failing the parking test

Memo to Sonoma State University: When you picked your parking meters, presumably via competitive bids, was the vendor required to guarantee some level of reliability? The answer is no, or you got taken.

The best state job: coach

There are university presidents and professional school deans, but in 41 states, college coaches top the pay scale.

A visit to ‘The Twilight Zone’

If you’re looking for a Rod Serling fix, a panel of former congressmen is investigating UFOs, extra-terrestrials and an alleged cover-up of same by the U.S. government.

Are they job killers?

It’s an annual rite of the legislative session – the California Chamber of Commerce designates its job-killer bills. How will they fare this year?

Peeling the onion on costly school bonds

I usually avoid rebutting rebuttals, but I want to explore the Bellevue Union School District’s capital appreciation bonds and the superintendent’s response to a Press Democrat editorial.

County faces deadline on deciding future of landfill

Sonoma County is on the clock once again concerning garbage. The landfill’s current capacity is scheduled to reach its limit in September — unless the county can come to an agreement on a complex, long-term deal.

Supervisors press Santa Rosa City Council on annexation

Last week, we encouraged the Santa Rosa City Council to make the annexation of Roseland one of its top priorities for the year. We weren’t alone

A city divided

Measure Q got thumped in the November election. But take a closer look at the results and you’ll get a picture of politics in Santa Rosa — and reason to believe that this issue will be back..

The coach and me

I’m not related to Jim Sweeney, the former Fresno State football coach, and I never met him, yet he helped more out more than once.

Four downs, four syllables

I’d like to say technology failed me. But the truth is, I didn’t notice that the fax machine had run out of paper, and I missed a very funny letter about the Super Bowl. Here it is.