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Read the Sonoma County Grand Jury reports

Scales of justice 3:2The Sonoma County Grand Jury is responsible for overseeing the legislative and administrative departments that make up county and city governments and special districts in Sonoma County, investigating their ‘efficiency, honesty, fairness and dedication to serving the public and individual citizens and make recommendations for positive change.’

The Grand Jury investigates public complaints about government performance, and this year, also assisted the county with the decision process for selecting a new auditor and participated in overseeing the accuracy and efficiency of the November general election process. As required by the California Penal Code, the Grand Jury inspected the county jail facilities and reported on the conditions.

Read the 2013-2014 report here or the 2012-2013 report here.

13 Responses to “Read the Sonoma County Grand Jury reports”

  1. Graeme Wellington says:

    There just is no active debate here without timely moderation of the posts. I can’t wait days when I want to make or argue a point. Reminds me that we don’t hear from Rick Astley anymore. It’s like he’s given up on us and let us down.

  2. David says:

    It seems this PD site goes “unwatched” for days at a time. The PD should investigate the DUMB train and Sonoma Greed Power instead of being cheerleaders for both of them. WHY???

  3. Steveguy says:

    The Press Democrat seems to not want anyone ‘watching’ Sonoma County. This site has been abandoned or neglected.

    The SMART Board is doing inept oversight, and Sonoma Greed Power is no different but the PD has their heads in the sand in the face of facts and favors from their buddies that seek Utopia at any cost or blunder.

    Isn’t the press supposed to be a watchdog instead of a cheerleader ?

    Disgusting I say

    Steve Mosher

  4. gaj says:

    From the Grand Jury on SMART.

    Truth is often stranger than fiction:

    “No forecasting has been done to speak of on the operating side,” Jones said. “They really need to get down and do detailed forecasts of operating costs.”

    Don’t expect the actual operating costs to be surprisingly cheap…trust me on that.

  5. Elephant says:

    Steveguy – You know why the PD doesn’t report the “bad” government. Our city councils and the BoS are filled with people who got elected not by their qualifications but by media spin. Simply put, the PD put them there.

    Susan Gorin is the only person currently sitting on the BoS who was elected WITHOUT a PD endorsement. Which, of course, means that they endorsed “Captain Underpants” as the best person for the Board of Stupidvisors. Not once, but twice.

    I am very glad that the Marin Grand Jury hammered DUMB. I will find that and read it. So much of the truth of DUMB is being hidden from the people.

  6. Vic says:

    The Grand Jury drank the cool aid or they worn their blinders when they looked at the county’s honesty, fairness, dedication and efficiency when they wrote the report.

    The omissions and errors are too numerous to count. Too bad this paper doesn’t have a competent investigative team to report the truth state of affairs at the county and city level in this corrupt county. The paper complains and writes about soft ball issues, but fails to mention what is really going on at city hall and in the halls of the county administrative offices.

  7. Steveguy says:

    SMART is spanked hard in too nice of language in that report. Marin County Grand Jury was harsher in their words for the SMART Board ( Deb Fudge)..

    Why does the Press Democrat not report the ‘bad’ in government ? Why ?

    The us puny folks look it up, say what is reality and reality in governance in abjectly ignored. All logic has left our Government.

    I will be back with the excoriating and IGNORED Grand Jury points. The Press Democrat won’t do it. Shame on the so-called watchdogs. ( Which conveniently are IGNORED by SMART ).

    See ya later- Audit the Marconi Center

  8. James Bennett says:

    What I should do is make a flyer out of the post you are refusing to print and hand it on Wed. Night Market and out in front of the PD building.

    A citizen might ask why you were afraid of this important information.

  9. James Bennett says:

    The more truth contained in the post,
    the more censorship.

  10. James Bennett says:

    Never saw any mention of how the entire dynamic central to representative government has been subverted in Sonoma County. The elected public officials have all violated their oath. Article 1, section 10 of the US Constitution prohibits an “Alliance” with any groups that are not the US Government. To violate this is treason. Never mind the fact that this NGO (ICLEI) is tasked with imposing the action plan that is UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development. Or that the two components of the Agenda are to “de-industrialize” America, bring down our standard of living. Or that the Agenda seeks to eliminate private property ownership. Instead corralling us into small “human settlement zones” . A highly controlled environment they call “The Smart Grid” where we are contained, controlled, surveiled and our consumptions are “alloted” ; granted by the state.

    Anti-free market, anti-Constitution, anti-private property.

    The physical manifestation of this globalist Agenda is The One Bay Area Plan. It violates the 5th and 14th amendments. Providing just compensation and equal protection of same for property owners in a governmental taking. Make no mistake, this Plan is an enormous land grab. basically amounting to administrative taking of private property and business through a miriad of over reach and manipulation designed to ultimately remove people from the 96% of land not in the Priority Development Area (PDA). In conjunction with Priority Conservation Areas (PCA) and Senate Bill 1 waiting in the wings which brings eminent domain and Tax Increment Financing (TIF) they have all the instruments to reduce the entire Bay Area to a redevelopment area on steroids. At the last minute aftervery minimal public input, these tyrants slipped in VMT (Vehicle Miiles Traveled) which includes a black box in your car to tax you for every mile you drive, reconciled through satellite.

    The Grand Jury should investigate these treasonous alliances, along with MTC and ABAG (Metropolitan Transportation Commission/Association of Bay Area Governments). In fact complaints are being lodged right now and have been sent to them now. In addition, a couple of the most prolific figures in the growing resistance against A21 have spearheaded a law suit against The Plan. Citing it’s violation of of the US Constitution, California’s Constitution and it’s inconsistencies with the Urban Growth Boundaries of the 101 cities included as these can’t be changed without a vote of the people. I am proud to be associated with the resistance of this tyrannical plan from the beginning and proud to call the other engaged citizen groups my friends. Here is a link to one of the groups protecting your freedoms. They deserve your support.

    Any of the few present at the facilitated “visioning” meetings could see that the people were were adamantly opposed to The Plan. Even with “advocacy” groups and installed shills present, folks were in strong opposition. Leaving us no choice but to file. A successful Constitution attorney makes up part of our legal team. We have had to put ourselves at risk in the past in our legal opposition to Santa Rosa’s huge “Gateway” Redevelopment project, likely preventing the town’s bankruptcy.

    This Plan will decimate property rights and values. It will decimate our freedom of choice in terms of where and how we live, our transportation options and much more. The high level of control in an area that represents only 4% of real estate in the whole Bay Area will have treasonous bureaucrats picking winners and losers in what was a free market landscape.

    Again, regionalism and the empowerment of unelected councils define a Soviet model of governance and disenfranchise the citizens by design.

    Once everyone realizes that there isn’t any future in all but 4% of the Bay Area, especially THE LENDERS…The Plan will crash our local economy, property rights and values. AS INTENDED.

    I try to imagine our ‘public servants’ having full knowledge of this Plan and somehow thinking it ‘s OK to keep it a secret to their constituents. They’ve been working on grant money eligibility criteria for some time. The criteria probably provides for imposing ICLEI’s ‘Complete Street’ model on major thoroughfares that connect with ‘The Transportation Corridor’.

    There are hundreds of these regional plans in the works across America with warm ‘n fuzzy names. Our’s is the ‘pilot’, and the most over reaching.

    Many engaged activists and citizens have something in common with UN globalists.

    They want the Bay Area to set a precedent for freedom and property rights everywhere…

    and so do we.



  11. andrew simpson says:

    Sonoma County is justly famed for its wines, and for emerging status as most corrupt county in the state.

    It’s not just that the Supervisors put band aids on the fiscal heart attacks of pensions and roads.

    It’s not just that our Water Agency—a global, let alone statewide ,contender for “liar,liar pants on fire” honors –wrote a feasibility study designed to promote competitive electricity rates but forgot to mention the county’s existing low cost provider (Healdsburg/NCPA) as possible manager of Sonoma Clean Power.

    It’s this: our official County watchdog—the Grand Jury– has just delivered of itself a self-congratulatory sheaf of nonsense entitled SONOMA COUNTY CIVIL GRAND JURY KEEPING AN EYE ON OUR COUNTY FINAL REPORT 2012-2013

    This is a 43 page whitewash.

    It wrings its hands over fluoridation but forgets to mention that the Grand Jury couldn’t quite finish last year’s investigation of pensions; and speaks of roads, only fleetingly, under the heading of emergency preparedness.

    The 2010 Grand Jury report emblazoned this on its cover: “watches over your tax dollars”.

    How about this for the cover of the 2013 Grand Jury report: “watches over your tax dollars being stolen”.

  12. farmer west says:

    Clients have a negative perception of PRMD , PRMD is hard to work with, and that they charge excessive fees.

    Who would have guessed.

  13. bear says:

    Regarding PRMD, we paid for this drivel due to the whining of ONE developer?

    Every single rule, regulation and fee was adopted by the BOS.

    State law requires that the County adopt a General Plan, and a Zoning Ordinance a Building Code and a Public Health Code. State law also requires that the codes be enforced.

    Used to be that the cost of all this came out of the General Fund, since all County residents are affected. But in these times, the costs are increasingly paid by the developers who require these services.

    Want your house to fall down? Want your well to fail? Want your neighbor’s raw sewage to run onto your property?

    A huge issue is that the amount of land in the County hasn’t grown since boundaries were established in the 19th Century. So people are continuing to want more stuff on the same amount of land. This leads to conflict and the need for mediation. This is what PRMD does, within the limits of codes adopted by the BOS.

    So cut 40% of the staff and a huge amount of expertise due to retirements, and what do you get? Low morale and confusion. Is this a mystery?

    Does it take the attention of the Grand Jury to change things? No, it takes time to rebuild an organization that was gutted.