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‘Opt-in’ bill for power customers moves ahead


A bill that would change how community-based power providers like Sonoma Clean Power enroll new customers cleared a big hurdle in Sacramento this week.

The Assembly passed AB 2145 on Wednesday and the bill and now heads to the Senate. It would require potential customers of public power providers to opt in to join the program.

power linesCurrent law automatically enrolls customers within a defined jurisdiction into a program and requires customers to opt out if they choose to remain with their investor-owned utility.

Opponents of the bill, including business and environmental groups aligned with public power ventures, say it would make it impossible for so-called community choice aggregators like Sonoma Clean Power to compete with utilities like PG&E.

The bill’s supporters, including PG&E and its main electrical workers’ union, say it would give customers a fairer way to choose power providers.

The bill’s author, Assemblyman Steven Bradford, is a Gardena Democrat and former executive at Southern California Edison.

6 Responses to “‘Opt-in’ bill for power customers moves ahead”

  1. Steveguy says:

    See how Deb Fudge was laughing it up with a solar contributor in her ‘victory’photo ?

    If she wins he is in for a HUGE contract ! Pay to play with Deb.

    That is why she is so dangerous, she is easily swayed by the special interests.

    They are all for her because they can rake in the $$$$$$$$.. Politicians are so easily duped, as bad as voters.

    A disgrace

  2. Mike L.. says:

    If Sonoma Clean Power is what it touts itself to be they should have no concerns about competing on the merits of their offering.

    Why do they need a handicap?

  3. PapaESoCo says:

    Heck, nothing to add; Greg, Steveguy and Elephant have succinctly summed up my position as well. Honesty requires “Opt In” not “Opt Out”.

  4. This is one of the sanest stories to come from Sacramento in years. Requiring Sonoma Ponzi Power to compete on an opt-in basis would force them to demonstrate actual value to their prospective customers, instead of hiding behind their fog of partial truths.

  5. Steveguy says:

    PG and E and other suppliers are barred BY LAW to put forth their positions. The law allowing the creation of these schemes specifically states that Pg and E cannot give their side of the issue.

    I see 1st Amendment issues with that.

    Pg and E would tell us that 100% of our power comes from the Geysers Complex, but in the world of carbon credits and electrical generation giants paper trades can make a coal plant look clean.

    Sonoma Greed Power does not want the truth to be told.

  6. Elephant says:

    Excellent! The people at Sonoma Greed Power should be very very worried about this. Their scam won’t get many customers if they are forced to state ALL of the facts about their operations and let PG&E state ALL of their facts as well. But then PG&E probably doesn’t care because they would likely be selling power to SCP’s suppliers anyway.