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Protesters call for Efren Carrillo to resign


About 40 people, including two Santa Rosa City Council members, called for Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo to resign at a Wednesday afternoon rally in Old Courthouse Square.

Supervisor Efren Carrillo talks with the press after not guilty verdicts were handed down on all counts  on Carrillo's peeking trial, Monday April 28, 2014, in Sonoma County Superior Court. (Kent Porter / Press Democrat)

Supervisor Efren Carrillo talks with the press after not guilty verdicts were handed down on all counts on Carrillo’s peeking trial, Monday April 28, 2014, in Sonoma County Superior Court. (Kent Porter / Press Democrat)

Speakers said Carrillo should step down despite his acquittal on a misdemeanor attempted peeking charge, which followed a predawn incident last July in which the supervisor was arrested outside a Santa Rosa woman’s home while wearing only socks and underwear.

Critics said Carrillo’s frank testimony, in which he said an outsized ego and a desire for sex led him to the home of a woman he barely knew, reflects poorly on his leadership.

“He was found not guilty, but from what he said on the stand, he did go to that woman’s house in the middle of the night in his underwear,” said two-term Santa Rosa City Schools board member Laura Gonzalez, who organized the rally.

“I don’t see how a man like that is fit to serve the public,” Gonzalez said.

Carrillo has so far said he has no plans to step down.

City Council Members Gary Wysocky and Erin Carlstrom attended the rally, with Wysocky taking the megaphone to speak to the crowd.

“I’m a father with two daughters,” Wysocky said. “That’s why I’m here. As an elected official, I’m held to a higher standard. So is Efren Carrillo.”

7 Responses to “Protesters call for Efren Carrillo to resign”

  1. Wysocky Standards says:

    Wysocky says he’s held to a higher standard. If only that we’re true. He’s the enabler of Michael Allen. He appointed him and when he found out Allen was taking money for a vote he didn’t bother to remove Allen. Wysocky said he was “proud” of him.

    He is a hypocrite. The worst kind double standards is an understatement.

  2. inside nine says:

    Effin Carrillo. Resign and then go away please.

  3. Efren really needs to resign - please remind him of this and sign the petition being sent to him and copied to the other members of the Board of Supervisors:


  4. homegirl says:

    Message to the Press Democrat:
    Enough already about Effren CArrillo. Save the overkill coverage for when he seeks reelection.

  5. MendoTech says:

    Call for this scum’s resignation all you what, but understand that the fix is in. That is what often happens when the politically connected come in contact with the law.

    First, there was no alcohol or drug test, even though he was prowling around his neighbor’s house with alcohol beverages at three in the morning. Tell us how that happened, and especially if he immediately identified himself as a County Supervisor. Any bets on whether the responding officers were immediately aware of his importance??

    Next, he was obviously trying to break in to this woman’s house. Even though he had obviously broken her screen and blinds, he wasn’t charged with attempted breaking and entering. Once again, his position as a County Supervisor surely went a long way to get the potential charge reduced to “peeking,” whatever that means.

    Then at the trial, he cops to being a slime, but insists he wasn’t “peeking.” The judge had to instruct the jury that “peeking” means he was looking inside his victim’s house. Since he wasn’t charged with attempted B&E or the more serious attempted sexual assault, his admission that he was there expecting to have sex (attempted sexual assault) with his victim wasn’t even considered.

    The jury’s only choice was to find that he was either looking in a window, or he wasn’t. His real B&E / sexual assault mission was never considered.

    Good work on the part of the police, lawyers and judges hired and financed by the Sonoma County Kingmakers.

    I expect Captain Underpants will be running for state office within a short time. He should fit in well with the other criminals occupying those hallowed halls!!

  6. Now, here’s an idea for a new job for our disgraced Effie Boy. You can become a brew master. And I have the perfect name for your first batch of handcrafted brew:


  7. Jeff Mayo says:

    If this was John Q. citizen..
    John wouldn’t stand a chance at beating this rap.
    As long as Mr Underpants is above the law, my vote means nothing.