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PD Editorial: Press Democrat voting recommendations

Here’s a list of our recommendations to date for the June 3 primary.


District AttorneyJill Ravitch

Ravitch is a tough prosecutor with a track record of making good choices in difficult cases. She has spent much of her first term rebuilding an office that lost about a dozen lawyers, investigators and support personnel to budget cuts. With the office returning to pre-recession staffing, she’s positioned to manage a challenging caseload.

Auditor-ControllerDavid Sundstrom

Sundstrom has a record of caution and prudence as the county’s chief financial officer. Having previously helped Orange County recover from bankruptcy, he brings crisis experience shared by few of his peers.

Supervisor, 2nd District — David Rabbitt

Rabbitt has proven to be a calm and steady leader, particularly in providing guidance and clear thinking in areas such as clean power and pensions. He also has been a leader in helping the county find more money for road repair.

Supervisor, 4th District — Ken Churchill

No other candidate can match Churchill’s knowledge of the county’s financial challenges, particularly as they relate to pensions and potholes. In addition to offering a background in financial management, he comes with hands-on experience in alternative energy and environmental protection.

Measure B: Cotati-Rohnert Park school bonds — Yes

Measure C: Petaluma High school bonds — Yes

Measure D: Bellevue school bonds — Yes

Measure E: Petaluma Elementary school bonds — Yes

Measure F: Rincon Valley school bonds — Yes

Measure G: Cotati sales tax — YES


U.S. Congress, 2nd District — Jared Huffman

Huffman was instrumental in the expansion the California Coast National Monument to include the southern Mendocino County coast.

U.S. Congress, 5th District — Mike Thompson

Thompson secured a long-sought change in Medicare policy that benefits physicians and senior citizens in Sonoma County.


GovernorJerry Brown, Neel Kashkari

Lieutenant governorGavin Newsom

Attorney generalKamala Harris

ControllerBetty Yee

TreasurerJohn Chiang

Insurance CommissionerDavid Jones

Senate, 2nd District — Mike McGuire

McGuire is well informed, hardworking and, at age 34, unusually experienced with a resumé that includes service on the school board and City Council in Healdsburg and, since 2011, serving on the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors.

Assembly, 2nd District — John Lowry

As the former executive director of Santa Rosa-based Burbank Housing Corp., Lowry has an unmatched understanding of the issues surrounding housing, development and planning in California. In addition, his practical expertise would be of particular value in helping governments bridge the funding gap left by the abolition of redevelopment agencies, a void that has limited the ability of public agencies to address housing and infrastructure needs.

Assembly, 4th District — Joe Krovoza, Charlie Schaupp

Out of four strong candidates in this race, Democrat Krovoza, the mayor of Davis, and Republican Schaupp, an Esparto farmer and former school board member, best represent the values of their parties and the priorities of the region.

Assembly, 10th District — Marc Levine

During his 18 months in office, Levine has generally reflected his affluent, left-leaning district. He’s also a product of the top-two primary, an important election reform that took effect in 2012, giving moderate and independent voters a bigger say in California elections, which should encourage cross-the-aisle cooperation on state issues.

Proposition 41: Homeless veterans bond — Yes

California is home to a quarter of the country’s homeless veterans. Sonoma County, where rental rates are high and vacancy rates are low, has about 400 homeless vets. Proposition 41 would authorize the state to borrow $600 million to subsidize construction, acquisition and renovation of apartments and other multifamily housing units for these vets.

Proposition 42: Public records — Yes

Without timely access to government documents, the state Public Records Act is meaningless. Its purpose and effectiveness hinge on the ability of members of the public and the media being able to obtain and review documents when the issue is relevant, not when compliance is convenient. There have been too many examples of public agencies attempting to hide behind exemptions to the state’s transparency laws to protect themselves from embarrassment or criminal misconduct. Openness should not be an option.

7 Responses to “PD Editorial: Press Democrat voting recommendations”

  1. Antoinette Cervantes says:

    I guess it’s to be expected: a last minute hit piece by a group who laughably call themselves Tell the Truth. Really? It’s an obvious hit piece by a group that was created to support James Gore, and who hide behind campaign laws to remain anonymous. Sorry, Mr Gore: if this is how you run your campaign, how would you act as a Supervisor?


    The Marin IJ has a political columnist who reports what Rep. Huffman has to say about candidate Carlstrom:

    By Dick Spotswood

    Posted:   05/31/2014 07:39:24 PM

    Erin Carlstrom, the Santa Rosa councilwoman running as a Democrat in the Marin-Southern Sonoma 10th Assembly District, was just “endorsed” by “Vote the Coast.”
    In a widely-distributed ad, “Vote The Coast” appears as a warm and fuzzy sounding environmental organization. That could be a big deal in the green-friendly 10th District.
    In reality, the original Vote the Coast organization is long defunct. Carlstrom, acting as the attorney, formed a new corporation called Tidal Voice Inc. It then trademarked the abandoned “Vote the Coast” name. In short, Carlstrom endorsed herself.
    The stunt didn’t impress Rep. Jared Huffman, a long-time environmentalist and supporter of Assemblyman Marc Levine. The San Rafael Democrat described Carlstrom’s “Vote the Coast” advertising as “one of the most cynical, self-serving and shallow attempts to mislead voters that I’ve ever seen.”
    This may be one “endorsement” that backfires on the recipient.


  3. Elephant says:

    In all cases, please please please do not just go by the PD recommendations. Like Mockingbird said, do your homework. Be an informed voter. Ask knowledgeable friends. Do not believe mailers. But be sure to count them up and NOT vote for whoever sends the most.

    I recommend Victoria Shannahan for DA because she is not Jill Ravitch. Why won’t Ravitch prosecute Erick Gelhaus for shooting Andy Lopez? Ravitch failed at protecting us. She failed at being DA.

    Gary Wysocki for Auditor-Controller. The lesser of two evils in a way, but a much better choice.

    Supervisor, 2nd District – John King. Three major issues in the 2nd district (Lafferty Park, the Dutra asphalt plant and the Roblar Road quarry) are all being fought in the courts as David Rabbit doesn’t care enough about his constituents to fight for them. Rabbit was and is one of Efren Carrillo’s enablers. He is controlled and supported by the very same people. You can send a strong message to Carrillo by voting Rabbit out. The south county deserves better than David Rabbit. John King is the best vote for the people.

    Supervisor, 4th District — Ken Churchill. Well the PD got one right after all. Gore is supported by the same 1% sources behind Carrillo and Rabbit. Fudge has the construction industry solid behind her as she is one of the enablers of the disaster waiting to happen that is the SMART train. I hope for all that I am worth that the 4th District voters see Ken Churchill as the breath of fresh air that he is and vote for him.

    U.S. Congress, 2nd District and Senate, 2nd District – So sad for us that there is no real competition for two very weak front-runners.

    Assembly, 10th District — Diana Conti all the way! The information in the PD’s endorsement for Marc Levine is 100% fabrication. He has infuriated many in his district and did not get the Democratic Party endorsement due to his failure to support local issues. Erin Carlstrom moved into this district instead of staying put and running against Mike McGuire. If you’re not worried about her, you’re not paying attention. Diana Conti has shown herself to be the right person for the State Assembly. She has the skills and qualifications to be a great representative for all of the people, not just the chosen 1%.

    Assembly, 2nd District — John Lowry. Hey the PD got a second one right.

    Once again people, research all candidates before voting. Be a smart voter. Otherwise you have no right to complain when those like Efren Carrillo get elected to office.

  4. PapaESoCo says:

    Papa’s recommends (in no particular order): Diane Conte, Gary Wysocky, Jill Ravitch, Ken Churchill, School Bonds; resounding NO, Anybody but Rabbitt, anybody but McGuire, John Lowry, Yes on 41 and 42, Brown, Newsom, Harris, Yee. Hey, I have as much cred as the PD, don’t I?

  5. David Keller says:

    For the 10th Assembly District, I heartily support Diana Conti. She has demonstrated experience in building consensus and delivering on promises. She has a solid vision for our district and would be a welcome change.

    Marc Levine has proven himself to be rudderless, and directed by his out-of-district corporate sponsors. His recent mailer against fracking was actually paid for with over $100,000 from a Texas pro-fracking oil business. He failed to help the Coastal Commission get the authority they need to enforce their own regulations and decisions. He’s out of touch with this wonderful district.

  6. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Don’t vote the PD’s recommendations. Do your homework and vote for the candidates that will actually represent you, the citizen’s interests, and not big money. Remember, big money owns the PD. I used to do follow the PDs recommendations I’m ashamed to say. I realize what a fool I was now that I work for MY CHOICE of candidates.

    I would recommend Diana Conti, Deb Fudge, and Gary Wysocki. I have had two robo calls for Carlstrom and 4 mailers for Levine which tells me who the big money candidates are and who they will be siding with in any legislation. It won’t be with me and my needs.

    I have had one mailer from my union with a roster of who we’ve endorsed.

  7. And the runner up is.... says:

    In the 10th AD the race is for second place and ditto for the 4th. No help from pd on who should by in second.