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The Last Word: Week of April 13

14lastwordcolor The winners are …

“I didn’t think Democrats wore Prada.”

“$29.99 at Target? It’s not an attack – it’s a cry for help.”

“I get the blues,
when they start throwing shoes;
and I feel even worse,
when there’s no matching purse.”

“If I mention Benghazi, will you throw the matching one? Please?”

“It’s a sign! I’m a shoe-in for president.”


Every week we’ll post a new cartoon on Watch Sonoma County and invite you to write the caption. Enter the contest by posting your caption below. Vote for your favorite by clicking “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on each entry.

PD staff will select several winners and publish them Friday on the Forum page in the Empire News section. Want a shot? Leave your real name and your email address for verification.

The cartoons are drawn by Gary Varvel, who has served as political cartoonist for the Indianapolis Star since 1994.

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88 Responses to “The Last Word: Week of April 13”

  1. Geoff Johnson says:

    I get the blues, when they start throwing shoes; and I feel even worse, when there’s no matching purse

  2. Julius says:

    Is this the best the Republicans can bring? First the mudslinging and now shoes??

  3. Julius says:

    Everyone keeps saying I am a shoe in…this is not what I had in mind.

  4. Michael Sheehan says:

    Another foot, and I would have REALLY felt their pain!

  5. Geoff Johnson says:

    Good thing it wasn’t a horseshoe!

  6. Geoff Johnson says:

    If that shoe fits, I’ll wear it.

  7. Come on lady, is that the best you can do? George Bush got two thrown at him.

  8. While you’re at it lady, throw me the other shoe. I’m an 8 1/2B.

  9. Martha Harper says:

    At my age the only thing a shoe like that will do for me is give me bunions!

  10. michael martinez says:

    now i know i’m a shoe in for president.

  11. OOh! Does this mean I’m as popular as George W.?

  12. Geoff Johnson says:

    Imelda Marcos, is that you?

  13. Paul Phillips - Santa Rosa says:

    Hmmmm….Louis Vuitton… Must be Michelle’s

  14. Jim Calles says:

    By George , I’m being Bush whacked !!!???

  15. Alan Cook says:

    Look Out ! ! !

  16. Mark Bowman says:

    This is a good sign—getting presidential treatment already!

  17. Erick Luoma says:

    Hilary cartoon entry.

    “Help! I’m being esshoed!”

  18. Brian says:

    “For goodness sake Monica, let it go!”

  19. Michael Sheehan says:

    Goodness me, it’s just like Bosnia when I flew in under fire…oh, wait, that turned out to be a big lie.

  20. Martha Harper says:

    Sorry, not my style!

  21. M. Justine Foster says:

    “Unlike other candidates, I still refuse to be forced into 4 inch heels! I have become tall enough already!”

  22. Sandra Messer says:

    Equal abuse? Achieved
    Equal respect? So far to go…

  23. Geoff Johnson says:

    While you’re at it, toss me your blond wig — I’m starting to lose hair on top.

  24. Geoff Johnson says:

    Pay attention, Varvel. It was “an orange and black athletic shoe”.

  25. Daryl Scan says:

    Oh my, is that a size ten?

  26. E Brandini says:

    This is easier than dodging bullets on the tarmac in Bosnia.

  27. John Long of Santa Rosa, CA says:

    Please, don’t let it hit me!
    I’m not ready to have a bump on my head.

  28. John Long of Santa Rosa, CA says:

    Oh no, where’s the other shoe? I can’t go around wearing only one shoe.

  29. John Brundage says:

    “Nobody warned me that George W. Bush was in the audience!”

  30. Mary Lynn Tuft says:

    “Another zinger missed”

    Mary Lynn Tuft, The Sea Ranch

  31. Patty Rodd says:

    I thought you were history, Monica!

  32. Pat Foley says:

    Is anything made in America anymore?!

  33. Geoff Johnson says:

    Heavens, no! Not with this blue suit.

  34. Geoff Johnson says:

    The heel is much too high for me, at my age.

  35. Geoff Johnson says:

    Do you have that in an 8 1/2 C?

  36. Geoff Johnson says:

    It’s nice, but not my color.

  37. Geoff Johnson says:

    Just my size! When will the other shoe drop?

  38. Lisa Brew-Miller says:

    Oooh. Manolo Blahnik, size eight. I’ll take the pair.

  39. Lisa Brew-Miller says:

    Shoe fly. Don’t bother me.

  40. Kevn Eisenberg says:

    Not my style, do you have any flats?

  41. J. Pat Geis says:

    I asked for money, not used clothing.

  42. Kevin Parsons says:

    “What!” “Who wears highheels anymore?!”

  43. Mark Bowman says:

    The problem with throwing my hat in the ring is it leaves my head unprotected.

  44. John Claeys says:

    Monica(!)..Let it go…

  45. Tim Collins says:

    Rough crowd, that looks like one of Chelsea’s!

  46. Tim Collins says:

    Maybe my nomination isn’t a shoe-in!

  47. Tim Collins says:

    I didn’t think Democrats wore Prada!

  48. Tim Collins says:

    I think my non-campaign is starting off on the wrong foot!

  49. Tim Collins says:

    Here ya go Hill, now, start running!

  50. Jim Owen Jr says:

    I just wished I could have ducked Benghazi this fast !!!!!

  51. Pat Foley says:

    Quick,get my carriage!

  52. Pat Foley says:

    I’ve been Bush-whacked!

  53. DAVE LOCKHART says:

    “Its a sign!” I’m a shoe in for President.

  54. Richard Smith says:

    Oh my…Dorothy must think I’m the wicked witch!

  55. Bob Canning says:

    Oh no! Don’t tell me Monica Lewinsky’s back under the desk with Bill again!

  56. Mark Bowman says:

    Since when does Rand Paul wear high heels?

  57. Michael Sheehan says:

    Don’t these yokels know I only wear Christian Louboutin heels?

  58. Kellie Ambrose says:

    The devil throws Prada too?

  59. Donna Logar says:

    I’m going to spin this as a metaphor for ‘shoe in’.

  60. Donna Logar says:

    Uh oh – another bimbo eruption…

  61. Mark Bowman says:

    If I mention Benghazi, will you throw the matching one? Please?

  62. Dale Stout says:

    If the Louis Vuitton fits, wear it.

  63. Al Cohen says:

    ” That was close, but no cigar. So it couldn’t have been Monica.”

  64. AL COHEN says:

    “Looks like Monica also saved a shoe.”

  65. Donna Autrey says:

    Eeks! Walk a mile in your shoes!

  66. Bob Charbonnier says:

    Whenever I threw a shoe at Bill, I didn’t miss.

  67. Jeff Allee says:

    That’s it! I’m not running in 2016. Just kidding.

  68. Dale Stout says:

    Someone’s going to be gellin like a felon.

  69. Dale Stout says:

    She’d better not be wearing a blue dress.

  70. Dale Stout says:

    I just want to “Pump you up”.

  71. Dale Stout says:

    Someone’s gellin like a felon.

  72. steve humphrey says:

    Oh my gosh! First it’s Monica’s dress and now it’s her shoes!
    Bill? Where’s Bill!

  73. stephen gross says:

    “Et Tu, Chelsea?”

  74. stephen gross says:

    “$29.99 at Target? It’s not an attack – it’s a cry for help”

  75. Donna Logar says:

    And the number one reason I’m leaving before the next presidential election cycle is because Hillary would eat my lunch if I went after her the way I did Sarah.

  76. Al Cohen says:

    ” I think CBS must be kidding, with the note on my door saying, “We only need two weeks notice”.”

  77. NIck Karels says:

    When I was a weatherman in Indianapolis, I’d never thought I’d be replaced by a canned ham the size of a hailstone!

  78. Bill Russo says:

    Hey… hey Jay, let’s finish that fishin’ trip from 25 years ago, back before we started to hate each other.

  79. Bill Russo says:

    I wonder if twenty-something interns make house calls?

  80. Bill Russo says:

    At least now you know that cup doesn’t contain water from the fountain of youth.

  81. Bill Russo says:

    I’m NOT a gap-toothed comedian. Now, I’m just gap-toothed.

  82. Phyllis Duckworth says:

    “A be ya, A be ya, A be ya, That’s All Folks”.

  83. Jim Fahy says:

    Verb 1.jimmy – to move or force, especially in an effort to get something open;
    well I guess that does it, I’ve been Jimmied out of a 30 year gig! My spot’s now open!

  84. Bob Canning says:

    If Leno’s announcement boosted his ratings, I gotta do something in the battle against the Jimmys!

  85. Gayle Peebles says:

    April Fools!

  86. John Long, Santa Rosa says:

    Did you hear the one about the couple, who did a dozen loads of dirty laundry?

  87. John Long, Santa Rosa says:

    ” that’s all folks!’, until my next life.”

  88. Jeff Allee says:

    I was going to retire this year, but Jay Leno beat me to that too.