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Mike McGuire leads money race in state Senate contest


Sonoma County Supervisor Mike McGuire raised $117,376 this reporting period to further boost his overwhelming financial advantage in the race for the North Coast’s state Senate seat, campaign finance records show.

Mike McGuire (PD FILE, 2012)

Mike McGuire (PD FILE, 2012)

McGuire and three other candidates are seeking the 2nd District seat currently held by Noreen Evans, D-Santa Rosa.

McGuire had $315,262 to start the new year. Adding his haul for the first three months of 2014 and deducting expenses, he now has $361,360 ahead of the June primary, in which the top-two vote-getters, regardless of party, advance to November’s general election.

McGuire’s biggest contributors this period included Professional Engineers in California Government, which contributed the maximum $8,200; California Real Estate ($7,200); Classified Employees of California School Employees ($5,000); and California Dental ($5,000).

Novato attorney Harry Lehmann, a registered independent, said Wednesday that he received a contribution of $500 since filing candidate papers March 7.

No records were available Wednesday for Novato school trustee Derek Knell and Larry Weisner, a Santa Rosa CPA and the lone Republican Party candidate.

8 Responses to “Mike McGuire leads money race in state Senate contest”

  1. Farrell Winter says:

    Do not support anyone endorsed by the Press-Democrat.

  2. Nancy says:

    Why is this paper not asking Mike McGuire who he is, what does he believe in and what are his goals in the California State Senate?

    Sounds like McGuire is behind on the political donation bandwagon. It takes at least one million dollars to win a seat in the state senate. How is gathering his flock of donors and what is he promising them?

  3. Vic says:

    McGuire has fought corruption in county government and has outstanding record on county public pension reform.

    No, No, Wait, that isn’t the same McGuire raising all this money running the State Senate. The same state senate with 10% of its majority party suspended and either under FBI investigation or convicted.

    McGuire is another kid in the back of the class who doesn’t put his hand up and dreads being called upon. He is a go along to get along.

    Another pretty face ready to warm a seat in the honorable California State Senate.

  4. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    I like Mike but I don’t like his voting record on the BOS. Cutting the salaries and also forcing them to drop their family members off health insurance because of the cost is at the first on my list. Others include contracting out good county jobs which will cost more in the end because the county has been hiring manager after manager to manage those contracts. Plus where is the accountability to do the good jobs that the public expect? Afterall, we’ve seen time and time again that when profit is the motive the public gets shortchanged iN quality.

    Nope, Mike has joined the 1% at least in spirit. In the future probably financially too leaving the people behind.

  5. Don Neece says:

    Why is every article that is written is about there money! What about the thing they vote on or who is really behind them. As long as Bosco is an owner of this paper we are all going to get the same story.

    Just read the Dems that are in trouble because of money! Is that how you really want to elect? All that cash should be telling everyone the story. Vote for the person with out the cash and we may get an honest look at what should be happening.

    Please Press Democrat print something that matters!

  6. Steveguy says:

    Yes, the anointed one. Great promise to being a typical politician aspiring to higher office(s). Smile a lot and fund raise and get with the power brokers. Lay low, make nothing of your service.

    When are we going to name a park or even a park bench after him ? Never- that is when.

    Goodbye and good riddance and anybody but Fudge.

    Can’t be any worse than Noreen anyways, so we get a bit better than the worst, again.

  7. Henry Bernard says:

    “My goal is to always be the hardest working person in the room.”

    Or so the Press Democrat quotes Mike Mcquire. But then, channeling Bartleby the Scrivener, Mike does an about face and suddenly “prefers not to”.

    A bit of clarification, Bartleby, like Mike an unassuming character, dutifully saw to his responsibilities. Until the day when he was asked to join in the proofreading of a document. To the astonishment of his employer and the outrage of his fellow scriveners, he responded that he’d “prefer not to.” From this position he would not budge.

    To explain, Mike is in rotation to assume the Chairman’s position of Sonoma County’s Board of Supervisors. Finally the moment comes for Mike to take the chair and begin leading our erstwhile Sups. To the astonishment of all (excepting Efren who knowingly snickers) Mike responds “I’d prefer not to.”

    Papa Rabbitt, doing his best “Father Knows Best” impression “urges” the young man to man up and assume the responsibility. “No”, Mike’s having none of it. Like a kid avoiding a fork full of spinach, “he prefers not to.” With compensation rounding out at over $200,000 dollars a year, Mike’s suddenly too busy. This looks bad for all concerned. It’s highly unusual. What’s the Board to do?

    “But Mike”, says Papa, It’s your turn. ”

    “Nope,” says Mike.

    “How bout if I let you use my gavel?” Rabbitt cajoles.

    “Uh uh,” responds our Bartleby.

    “If you’re gonna be difficult I’ll give the position to Susan,” threatens the Big Man.

    “Go ahead” retorts Mike, “see if I care.” (And so the Rabbitt does offer Sue the position only to have her [you can't make this stuff up] likewise refuse her responsibilities. But that’s another story).

    Possibly you’re as confused as I am. We compensate Mike handsomely. Given his real life experience, his payday is unheard of in the private sector. The last time a Supervisor refused the Chairman”s gavel (if ever) is buried so deep in County history as to be untraceable. And yet, “he prefers not to.”

    But hold on. A little bit of investigation reveals that the Press Democrat dropped the ball on this one. Like the Sports Illustrated issue where Lombardi was permanently stigmatized by the immortal “Winning” quote, the PD has led us astray.

    You see, Lombardi’s actual quote was “In professional football, winning isn’t everything…” By dropping the qualifying “professional football”, the SI journalist forever marked Lombardi as a cynical Machiavellian character. Likewise, the PD failed to give us the benefit of Mike’s train of thought.

    Mike actual statement should read, “Once I get to Sacramento, my goal is to always be the hardest working person in the room.”

    Well hell, that makes it all better. Don’t you worry about it Mike. Take a breather. Politikn’s hard business. After less than one full term, a man’s excused if the weight of the County begins to feel like a world of hurt on a guy’s shoulders. Breath easy Mike. We got your back.

    And remember, if Mr. Smith could make it to Washington. No reason Charlie Brown can’t, at the least, get down the road a bit to Sacramento.

  8. PapaESoCo says:

    Ahh yes, another “Golden Boy” anointed by our local Power Brokers; guess he is a shoe-in, ya think?