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Deb Fudge wins Democratic endorsement in supervisor race


Windsor City Council member Deb Fudge has secured the endorsement of the Sonoma County Democratic Party in her quest to replace outgoing Fourth District Supervisor Mike McGuire, the party said Thursday.

Deb Fudge.

Deb Fudge.

“Throughout her career as a public servant, Deb has worked hard for the people of Sonoma County to create jobs, improve transportation, and protect our open space,” party Chairman Stephen Gale said in announcing the endorsement. “She knows the challenges we face, and she has the experience and leadership to tackle these issues head on.”

Fudge is facing a crowded field to replace McGuire, who is running for the State Senate seat being vacated by Santa Rosa Democrat Noreen Evans. The county party has endorsed McGuire in that race.

In addition to Fudge, Fourth District candidates include former Obama administration official James Gore, former Healdsburg Mayor Pete Foppiano, pension activist Ken Churchill and Keith Rhinehart, a former UPS supervisor and part-time teacher. If no candidate can get more than 50 percent of the vote in the June 3 primary, the top two vote-getters will advance to the general election in November.

12 Responses to “Deb Fudge wins Democratic endorsement in supervisor race”

  1. Jake says:

    @ mockingbird

    Yes we do have unions public employees and yes they are costing us an arm and a leg in salaries, pensions and benefits. That is the whole issue you always fail to mention in your posts.

    Nobody I know forced them into a union and if they are so unhappy with their jobs or the little public heat they take, they should take off. Replacements await in droves.

  2. Michael Sheehan says:

    The moderates here are merely trying to offset the left-wing looney fringe gang who are working hard to ruin this county and state.

    When you come from a position where you’ve never met a union, tax, government program, public pension or MSNBC liar that you didn’t like and agree with, I’m sure it’s difficult to see the light. A fish doesn’t know it’s engulfed in water.

    As the song says “Send in the clowns – they’re already here” and they’re in charge.

  3. Elephant says:

    MOCKINGBIRD – I, for one, am not a progressive hater. I simply hate those who claim to be progressive or even just a Democrat and are not. Fudge is not progressive. Sadly, we have a lot of this sort in office throughout Sonoma County, mostly thanks to twisted media coverage. But then, I don’t think that the Sonoma County Democratic Party portrays very good party politics anyway.

    Fudge used to be progressive. She used to have my support. Not any more. Not with the DUMB train debacle. Not with her sell-out to big development. She lost two elections on her own merits so it appears that she sold out in order to get big-money support. Sadly there are a number of actual progressives in Sonoma County who are believing her stretching of the truth.

    Anyone but Fudge.

  4. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Sheesh, the progressive haters are out in force. I think Debra will make a good BOS. She’s works hard, is a local and will stay local (bye Mike), and cares about Sonoma County. I’m thinking we should have endorsed fudge the 1st time.

    One thing about WSC, it has turned into a medium for the right wing to moan and groan about how government is always ripping them off. Yet, I believe they have their kids in public schools, use public roads, have water delivered directly through pipes in their house, police at their door with a call (UNION police), and the fire department putting out their fires (UNION firemen).

    If they want changes at the BOS they should look at how many managers have been hired to “manage” those contracting out contracts. Deb says she will. The current BOS said they would but they haven’t seen a manager they didn’t like and have ADDED MORE MANAGER (who are not union by the way).

  5. Michael Sheehan says:

    Why do they always endorse the worst candidate? Even though I was born here and am 4th generation SoCo, I’m so glad that I planned ahead and had a home built in another state so my family can escape this lunacy one of these days. Between the public pensions and whack-job looney fringe types in office, the entire state has become a mess.

    Northman – the play on words in your post made me laugh out loud. Good one. Notice that some politicians look like they eat a box of fudge daily?

  6. your are catching on says:

    let’s see, the seiu, right. someone has to keep lying about how much money you and I will pay for their retirements. of course they will vote for her. anyone gonna ask where all that money will come from? Sonoma county = detroit

  7. Look at her record! says:

    Business as usual when it comes to endorsements! If she makes it to the BOS we are in for a long ride. She does not work with anyone and pouts when she does not get her way. The Windsor Town Council does not support her…enough said!

  8. Jake says:

    And why wouldn’t the people’s democrat party of Sonoma County enforce, I mean endorse one of their socialist champions, No surprise here.

  9. PapaESoCo says:

    To the comments I have already read, I would just like to add the “chorus”:
    Anybody but Fudge.

  10. Grapevines says:

    Lets see, Fudge, Captain Peeking-Underpants, Gorin, Rabbit, and Zane. Looks to be shaping up to be the same Mickey Mouse Club of whacko’s that we have in Sacramento.

  11. Steveguy says:

    We are doomed. She represents ABAG and Plan Bay Area, not the actual citizens of the North County.

    Sad day in Sonoma County politics when money and favors wins over representing the public. Sad

  12. Northman says:

    I believe that those of us in the North vote to send Fudge packing once and for all! Any of the other candidates would be preferable to represent us!