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Plea negotiations continue in Efren Carrillo’s peeking case


Plea bargaining continued Friday in Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo’s misdemeanor peeking case but a pretrial settlement remains at least a week away.

The two sides appeared in court and have exchanged offers to resolve the charge stemming from Carrillo’s early morning arrest last summer outside a Santa Rosa woman’s home.

Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo, center, talks briefly with his parents, Margarita and Efren Carrillo, Sr., after being arraigned on a misdemeanor charge in Sonoma County Superior Court in Santa Rosa on Friday, Nov. 1, 2013.  (CHRISTOPHER CHUNG/ PD)

Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo, center, talks briefly with his parents, Margarita and Efren Carrillo, Sr., after being arraigned on a misdemeanor charge in Sonoma County Superior Court in Santa Rosa on Friday, Nov. 1, 2013. (CHRISTOPHER CHUNG/ PD)

The charge carries a maximum six-month jail sentence.

But so far, there is no agreement. Judge Andria Richey will hold a closed-door meeting next Friday with prosecutors and Carrillo’s attorney to see if a deal can be made.

Neither side would disclose the nature of the talks so far.

“I made a proposal and he made a proposal also,” prosecutor Cody Hunt said outside court Friday. “He needs to consult with his client.”

Hunt said his suggestion includes potential jail time. Under the law, a conviction on a misdemeanor in the state’s peeping statute could include probation and counseling.

Carrillo’s lawyer, Chris Andrian, said only that he has made a counter offer which Hunt must now take to supervisors in the state Attorney General’s Office. He wouldn’t say what it is.

Meanwhile, Carrillo’s trial remains set for March 7.

Carrillo was arrested July 13 after a woman living near Stony Point and West Third Street called police about 3:40 a.m. to report someone outside her bedroom window. She said she was awakened by the sound of moving window blinds.

In a second call to 911, the woman said someone identifying himself as a neighbor knocked on her door and ran away.

A partially clothed Carrillo was detained by officers nearby. He was arrested on suspicion of felony burglary and prowling when he couldn’t provide a clear explanation for his behavior.

Police at the time believed he was attempting a sexual assault, pointing to a torn window screen.

Carrillo bailed and went into seclusion for five weeks, seeking treatment at an alcohol rehabilitation center.

When he returned to the Board of Supervisors in August, he disclosed a longtime binge drinking problem.

Prosecutors last fall filed the lone misdemeanor charge. A felony conviction would have led to removal from office.

In December Carrillo pleaded not guilty.

His sharpest critics have called on him to resign.

(You can reach Staff Writer Paul Payne at 568-5312 or paul.payne@pressdemocrat.com.)

19 Responses to “Plea negotiations continue in Efren Carrillo’s peeking case”

  1. David says:

    The union people would be willing to give him a pass if he was “one of theirs”. You shouldn’t care if he is a friend of labor or not. In this case he should be judged on his criminal actions, not on his politics.

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  2. To Papa ESoCo:

    Indeed, I am “the other” Thomas Bonfigli!
    And, yes, we will continue to dream away at just what a fitting punishment for Sonoma County’s perennial premiere political embarrassment should be.

    And at the same time, we will “dream” of just exactly which qualities of character and ability we wish our future political leaders to emulate and possess which some members of our current crop of “leaders” do not.

    And then we will “dream” of the day when citizens will take time out of their busy lives to more thoroughly vet the candidates who aspire to lofty positions of public service, make their choices, rise up out of their easy chairs and work tirelessly to get honest, decent, hardworking candidates elected so that we do not have any more “Efren Carrillos” elected to local public office – ever again.

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  3. Q213 says:

    Anyone who thinks Carrillo is going to do any custody time is delusional. Misdemeanor peeping carries a thousand dollar fine and up to 6 months county jail (not prison). This is knocked down to 3 months because of half time credits. Then they take a lack of Criminal Convictions into consideration and you will be lucky if you are left with supervised probation.

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  4. Follower says:

    I guess they (PD) know what they’re doing.

    Just put Efren Carrillo’s name in a headline and watch the hits roll in!

    I guess you all haven’t figured it out yet…
    When they find Efren Carrillo in bed with a dead girl or a live boy, MAYBE he’ll get something more than a “hand slap”.


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  5. Grapevines says:

    This just fortifies what I always have believed. If I ever have to avail myself within a legal system. I’ll choose a third world country’s kangaroo court over anything being offered in California.

    Completely disgusting display of justice.

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  6. Shocked Monkey says:

    This is really over the top!

    If it were you or I we would have been arrested, blood tested, and had huge bail set.

    Don’t forget this is not his first acting out. He was arrested for fighting in San Diego several month earlier.

    Efren is an embarrassment to his family, the county, his ethnic community, and to the criminal justice system.

    It is time for this Predator to be removed from office and from the easy reach of vulnerable female staffers at the county.

    I for one do not want my tax dollars going to settle a sexual harassment case because Efren was allowed to continue working while under charges.

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  7. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Earl Whitehall, I can tell you for a fact the unions are not happy with Efren and neither are the workers, the poor and minorities in his district. He represents business interests. And all of this was BEFORE his late night excursions.

    We all would have been better off with Rue who WOULD haved represented every interest in that district. That’s who my union endorsed after questioning Efren and having him deflect all our questions with non answers. Ernie would have better for that district too.

    People need to get out and vote regardless of your politics. It’s the only real voice you have.

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  8. ZERO Representaton says:

    The only way the victim will get justice will be via a civil suit. And I truly hope she files a HUGE one. Now that Carrillo is not only on the BOS and Sonoma Clean Power Board she can make him pay plenty.

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  9. Papa ESoCo says:

    To Thomas David Bonfigli,
    I assume you are “the other” Thomas Bonfigli, I like you both. Well, Thomas just really enjoyed your 5 points of punishment for the unrepentant “Captain”. Yea, the tar and feathers was kinda meant in jest and I am not the only who has suggested it. We all can dream of a fitting outcome.

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  10. Elephant says:

    As hopflower here and others before have stated, if the average person had done what Carrillo did, they would already be serving time in state prison.

    I sincerely hope that the State AG’s office denies the counter offer. I realize that if this goes to trial, Carrillo’s lawyers would do all that they can to make sure that the incident in San Diego is hushed up. But I hope that the AG’s office gets word of San Diego and finds that this incident is part of a continuing pattern of criminal actions by Carrillo that must be addressed in a court of law.

    I really want this to go to trial and hear the arresting police officers testify that they did not detect alcohol on Carrillo and did not believe him to be under the influence at the time of his arrest. And Carrillo would have nothing to refute the testimony. All of the people of Sonoma County, not just those in his beleaguered district, deserve better than him.

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  11. homegirl says:

    The tea leaves tell me that Carrillo will never spend a day in jail. He will receive a one year probation and counseling. At most he will be required to wear an ankle bracelet to monitor his location.

    And, he will have the chutzpah to run for reelection, which will be very close but he might even win. It is well known that voters have short memories.

    The topper, a huge voter registration campaign in the Latino community and you will never guess who is funding it.

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  12. Earl Whitehall says:

    By the time it’s all over, I’m sure Efren Carrillo will receive an award for saving his victims life from the “real prowler”. And all the corrupt Sonoma Board of Supervisors, local politicians and incompetent DA Ratvich will raise their glasses in a toast to him at the next political fundraiser with all the business and public employee unions and police associations will have their checkbooks in hand giving out plenty of money to return the favors they received from the corrupt politicians. The system works!

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  13. Papa E:

    While your time-honored tar-pot idea (along with the accompanying complementary feathers)is certainly rife with temptation (not to mention evincing of uncontrollable sustained laughter) might I suggest instead the following as a suitable substitute in the way of punishment for our disgraced Golden Boy:

    1. One year in Sonoma County Jail – and NOT ONE DAY LESS!

    2. Successful completion of a court-approved program dealing with alcohol- and substance-abuse issues;

    3. Successful completion of a court-approved program dealing with issues of sexual predation;

    4. Successful completion of a court-approved program dealing with anger-management issues;

    5. Successful completion of a court-approved program dealing with ego diminution.

    In keeping with the objectives of the above-prescribed punishment, and to prove to the people of Sonoma County that he is truly committed to changing his evil ways and is serious about putting the good of the people of Sonoma County ahead of his unquenchable penchant for political power and personal aggrandizement, Efren will resign his position as Fifth District Supervisor forthwith. He will then ride off into the proverbial political sunset and allow our great county to move past this sad, pathetic chapter in our county’s colorful political history.

    Oh, but a man can dream…..

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  14. PJ says:

    Resign, already. What an embarrassment to West County voters.

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  15. Tom says:

    I want to know want Efren’s “expertise” is in helping run a power company. Is it the year of holding a “real” job at the bank make him qualified? Or the fact that he can try break into homes to victimize people? I’m guessing the latter as Sonoma Green power is basically legalize theft.

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  16. Scott Andrews says:

    The guy was caught red handed in his undies in public…After someone called about a man in his undies trying to get in her window.. Forget the plea bargain…I say we try him.. and then oust him from office.. He is a tool anyway, so no great loss….

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  17. Joe H. says:

    Proof that democrats can be just as slimy and arrogant as republicans.

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  18. hopflower says:

    C’mon. How long is this going to take? Any other fellow would be in jail now.

    This is American justice.

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  19. Papa ESoCo says:

    Please stop the madness! Does anyone still believe that “Captain Underpants” is going to be held accountable for anything? And, again, where is Justice for the Lady awakened at 3:40 AM by “someone” rustling her blinds (through the “conveniently” torn screen). This Charade is wrong on so many levels. Break out the tar pot and feathers folks; the only way Justice will be served!

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