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Petaluma may block proposed Safeway gas station


A proposed Safeway gas station in Petaluma may be halted by a newly proposed ban meant to give the city time to consider changing its zoning requirements.

Eight months ago, Safeway submitted a preliminary application for a gas station that could serve 16 vehicles at a time in front of its South McDowell Boulevard grocery store south of East Washington Street.

gas pumpLocal station operators and others concerned with the proposal quickly mounted opposition and have spoken against it at City Council meetings.

They’ve argued the dual-sided, eight-pump station will hurt other stations’ business, damage air quality and increase traffic near the city’s most-congested intersection.

As Safeway’s plan wended its way through the city permitting process, city leaders realized the plan may not rise to the level of City Council oversight. Planners said in August that a gas station is a permitted use in the area.

But this week Councilman Mike Healy asked the council to consider an urgency moratorium — a temporary ban on all gas station proposals.

A moratorium could stop the Safeway proposal in its tracks, at least temporarily.

It would allow the city 45 days at first — and as long as two years if the council reaffirms the ban — to consider rewriting zoning codes to prevent stations in certain areas or with specific characteristics.

“I’m completely serious about stopping the (Safeway) fueling station,” Healy said.

Safeway representatives said Wednesday they weren’t aware of the effort.

“We were surprised to learn … that the city is considering a ban on new gas stations aimed directly at our project,” said spokeswoman Wendy Gutshall.

She said at the request of city staff, Safeway submitted additional studies on traffic, air quality and noise that show the project wouldn’t have significant impacts to the area. Plus, she said, the station could generate as much as $400,000 per year in additional tax revenue for the city.

A completed application was submitted last month, Gutshall said.

Healy said the Safeway business model — which attracts shoppers to the grocery store with cheaper gasoline and a customer reward program — wasn’t anticipated by existing zoning codes.

“The city is concerned that we would have potential dead gas stations around the community,” he said, because of Safeway’s ability to sell gas cheaper than smaller, independently owned stations. “I would worry about empty grocery stores as well.”

The council will consider a temporary moratorium on March 3. State law requires a four-fifths vote, or six of the seven council members for the so-called “urgency” measure.

Moratoriums are allowed by a state government code that says cities can temporarily prohibit certain uses “to protect the public safety, health and welfare” if the city “is considering or studying or intends to study” a change in the code.

Petaluma has in the past decade passed moratoriums twice, both in 2006, to freeze building in the flood plain and to prohibit medical marijuana dispensaries. In 2000, an effort to prevent construction in flood-prone areas failed to win a four-fifths majority.

The 2006 building moratorium, which allowed a handful of projects already in the approval pipeline to move forward, was approved over a tougher option that would have frozen all proposals.

In 2007, the city adopted a new ordinance that banned medical marijuana dispensaries.

The city of Sebastopol is being sued over its passage of a moratorium on drive-thrus after the City Council approved a CVS drug store with drive-up window. A newly composed City Council passed a moratorium four months later, preventing CVS from moving forward.

CVS is suing in federal court, arguing that the city violated its due process rights by passing a ban after the company had received city approval.

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9 Responses to “Petaluma may block proposed Safeway gas station”

  1. Steveguy says:

    On topic ? Safeway rewards can be good. Both of my sons and wives use my old number. I get free sammiches every so often, other gets the free bananas, eggs, eggcetera, and one uses the gas discount.

    I know of others that ” bundle” the rewards. It works. At times they have had $10 off on a $50 purchase.


    Poor Petaluma, missing out because of what ?

  2. Robert says:

    Time for an audit of certain council members books and re-election funds. The city moves at the speed of gov’t, which is not fast. For this to come up with such speed, someone greased the treads. If I lived in Petaluma, I would be screaming at the council meetings about freedom in America. Since I don’t, Petalumans can have it. They seem satisfied with this excrement.

  3. James Bennett says:

    Wonder how it would look if a few citizens got together and sued the PD for violating their 1st Amendment rights?

    Pvoving censorship over different political views, on a political board.

    Just a thought.

  4. Don says:

    This is a “progressive” way to treat local businesses.

  5. taxpayer says:

    Petaluma gas station owners have been raping people for decades,it’s about time to stop the monopoly.

  6. James Bennett says:

    The anti-automobile ideology continues.

  7. Elephant says:

    Of course existing Petaluma gas station owners are against this. Petaluma’s average gas prices are the highest in the Bay Area. Even San Francisco has stations selling cheaper gas. Gas in Petaluma is 20-30 cents a gallon more than anywhere else consistently. They would all have to lower their prices to compete at all with Safeway. What theses station owners don’t realize is that they would sell a lot more gas at the lower prices.

  8. Steveguy says:

    Petaluma Utopians are against convenience and value ? Yes, over and over again.

  9. GAJ says:

    The Safeway gas in Santa Rosa is cheaper than even Costco when you apply reward points.

    I don’t think any gas station in Petaluma offers Arco prices, let alone Costco prices, so this might actually reduce driving for Petalumans looking for a good deal on gas.

    Even with a Safeway discount Chevron is about the most expensive gas you can get out there.