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The Last Word: Week of Feb. 23

22lastwordart And the winners are …

“Haven’t you been begging for smaller classes?”

“I’m the child left behind.”

“You think if I knew I’d be sitting here?”
JEFF ALLEE, Santa Rosa

“They all out practicing for the 2022 winter Olympic Games.”
AL COHEN, Santa Rosa

“Did you forget, Mom? Today is Bring-Your-Child To Work Day.”


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The cartoons are drawn by Gary Varvel, who has served as political cartoonist for the Indianapolis Star since 1994.

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54 Responses to “The Last Word: Week of Feb. 23”

  1. Tim Collins says:

    “There’s a half-off “Ammo” sale at the mall today”!

  2. Martha Harper says:

    We live in Florida, ma’am. No one knows what to do when it snows. I, on the other hand, moved from Michigan!

  3. Martha Harper says:

    Well, Bobby licked the flag pole out front and he’s stuck fast. I don’t know where everyone else is!

  4. Jim Owen Jr says:

    Everybody’s out side. Miley Cyrus is here showing them the proper way to make Snow Angels.

  5. Valorie Whitehall says:

    Vacationing in Sunny California

  6. Kellie Ambrose says:

    I don’t know’ I’ll gladly go look for them.

  7. Michael Sheehan says:

    Obviously NOT here in remedial reading class.

  8. Maurice Fliess says:

    No one else wanted to make up a missed day on July 4, Ms. Ross.

  9. Mark Bowman says:

    They all enrolled in the Al Gore Charter School. You know, the one where their motto is: “The inconvenient truth will set you free.”

  10. drmrs says:

    The other kids told me that the “teacher’s pet” had to show-up! drmrs 2/24/2014

  11. stephen gross says:

    “They’re watching Weather Advisories on our TV, Mom”

  12. stephen gross says:

    “Hey Mom! How could you forget today is ‘take-your-kid-to-work’ day?”

  13. stephen gross says:

    Hey Mom! How could you forget today was take-your-kid-to-work day?

  14. Jeff Allee says:

    You think if I knew I’d be sitting here?

  15. Carosell Morris says:

    Sorry Ms Lewis, long lines @sonoma’s PINK door!

  16. Michael Sheehan says:

    Picketing at Al Gore’s house.

  17. Paul Phillips - Santa Rosa says:

    They all took their sleds, skis and ice skates to go study Global Warming first hand.

  18. Richard Smith says:

    If the polar vortex didn’t get em…the flu did!

  19. Bob Charbonnier says:

    On the George Washington Bridge.

  20. Carosell Morris says:

    What snow? They’re all out dancing to the snow/rain gods!

  21. Tim Collins says:

    “Both my parents work for the Post Office”!

  22. Tim Collins says:

    “Both my My parents work for the Post Office”!

  23. Tim Collins says:

    “There bottling the snow”!

  24. Tim Collins says:

    They sent me, it’s my day to use the water fountain in school!

  25. Pat Foley says:

    I’ll tell you if you promise not to get mad at me.

  26. Pat Foley says:

    Am I my classmates keeper?

  27. Tim Collins says:

    “They all followed Jay Leno back to Middle-Earth”!

  28. Roger Steinhorst says:

    They must be snowed in, my dad brought me to school in a snow mobile.

  29. Roger Steinhorst says:

    They must be snowed in. I spent last night in the in my locker.

  30. Roger Steinhorst says:

    They must be snowed in. I spent last night in the library.

  31. J.B. Quick says:

    It snowed a little last night. So with this drought, “dust on crust” = ski day.

  32. J.B. Quick says:

    Hey Teach, grab your snowbunny suit, I’ll grab my boards, and we’ll join everyone up mountain to carve some rad freshies in the new pow-pow!!!

  33. John Long of Santa Rosa says:

    Probably stuck at home, but I’m here!

  34. Dale Stout says:


  35. Michael Sheehan says:

    They decided to come to class only when the US Senate is working.

  36. steve humphrey says:

    It appears neither of us received the “snowtification”

  37. Pat Foley says:

    Maybe their parents don’t own a helicopter.

  38. Jim Fahy says:

    I guess they got left behind because of Common Core.

  39. Hamilton, Virginia says:

    It’s going to take a lot more than some silly snow storm to keep me away from you, Miss Smyth.

  40. Hamilton, Virginia says:

    Haven’t you been begging for smaller classes?

  41. Dale Stout says:

    Snowball fighting, building snowmen and snowboarding.

  42. drmrs says:

    I’m only here, because my TV is broke! drmrs 2/23/2014

  43. Al Cohen says:

    ” The Press Democrat is giving a prize for any kid that brings in two snow flakes that are alike.”

  44. Al Cohen says:

    “They all out practicing for the 2022 winter Olympic Games.”

  45. Al Cohen says:

    ” I’m guessing they are all out shoveling.”

  46. Al Cohen says:

    “well mom, some parents take their kids skiing on snow days.”

  47. Richard Smith says:

    It’s Saturday Mom!

  48. Julius says:

    They are studying to be Congressmen and decided that yours was a lame duck class so they are taking the next three years off.

  49. Michael Sheehan says:

    They’re waiting for the SMART train to arrive.

  50. Michael Motley says:

    They’re all saving their dads’ places in the Pliny line.

  51. Michael Motley says:

    With all due respect Ms. Jones, read your own bulletin board.

  52. Richard Smith says:

    I’m guessing that it’s because yesterday, when you weren’t looking, Jimmy wrote that today was a snow day !

  53. Bob Canning says:

    Silver medals can make rabid hockey fans pretty sick, Mrs. Smith.

  54. Bob Canning says:

    Dying of thirst…literally!