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More time allowed in Efren Carrillo peeking case


Lawyers for both sides in Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo’s misdemeanor peeking case agreed Friday to a new set of court dates to allow more time to discuss a possible plea bargain.

Appearing before Judge Arnold Rosenfield, Carrillo’s attorney Chris Andrian and prosecutor Cody Hunt were given a new date of Feb. 14 to update the court on their settlement talks.

Both lawyers said this week they had not yet begun substantive discussions.

Efren Carrillo.

Efren Carrillo.

“We both have our respective views on the case,” Andrian said Friday after the brief court appearance. “We’ll sit down and see if there’s any common ground.”

The trial date, once set for Feb. 28, was pushed back on Friday to March 7.

Carrillo, 32, faces up to six months in jail if convicted. He did not attend Friday’s hearing.

He was arrested in July after he was found partially clothed outside the home of a Santa Rosa woman who twice phoned 911 in the early morning hours, the first time to report a man outside her bedroom window.

She told dispatchers she was awakened by the sound of moving window blinds.

She placed a second 911 call 10 minutes later to report someone knocked on her front door, identified himself as a neighbor, and ran away.

Officers found a torn window screen. Carrillo was in the area, clad in socks and underwear and carrying a cellphone.

Investigators said they believed Carrillo intended to attempt a sexual assault and he was arrested on suspicion of burglary, a felony.

But prosecutors subsequently concluded there was not evidence to support a felony charge.

In November, after three delays, Hunt, a special prosecutor for the state attorney general, filed a single misdemeanor peeking charge against Carrillo. A felony conviction would have resulted in removal from office.

Carrillo pleaded not guilty Dec. 12.

Andrian on Friday dismissed speculation that the case was playing out slowly, perhaps aiding Carrillo’s bid to hold on to his 5th District supervisor’s seat.

“I can cite 10 cases of mine right now where people have been arrested and haven’t been charged for six to nine months,” Andrian said. “It’s not even close in my view to being dragged out.”

As to what could result from a plea bargain, Andrian said it included a range of outcomes, from probation to jail time.

He reiterated that those discussions had yet to kick off and would ultimately involve a judge.

“It’s zero to six months (jail time) and everything in between,” Andrian said.

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11 Responses to “More time allowed in Efren Carrillo peeking case”

  1. Grapevines says:

    Certainly displays the moral temperance of this group of jerks we call the Board of Supervisor’s.

    Captain Underpants won’t “man up” admit guilt, resign his position and go live quietly somewhere else.

    And no indignation from the other members of the Board that find themselves working with him

    Perhaps it’s because his antics are no more disgusting than theirs are. We just have not found out about theirs yet.

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  2. R.B. Fish says:

    His handlers have spoken with him and decided to keep for important votes. When they are done with him he is history. One problem is that if there was any integrity in the public service politic in SOCO he would of resigned himself or simply banished by the BOS. However, they are all playing the same game…money and power. All the BOS have their own players. Just look at the big money issues…the Smart Train, Clean Power, Roseland, Casino. All of these are controlled to make big money for the players with hand picked puppets yet these activities and developments will essentially destroy Sonoma County with overpopulation, taxes, crime, congestion and generally greatly reducing the once quality of life. Once in place it cannot be corrected. The pathetic thing is that the rabid environmentalists (who are smaller effective puppets) believe these all good things for the county. Carrillo will get a suspended punishment of some sort unless the women testifies but apparently she didn’t see him. The cops say he wasn’t drunk but he says he was and apparently went to drunk school. This case is all over the place. The handlers will use him and after BOS gig will get him player job in one of the above mentioned enterprises that they control.

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  3. Sonoma County Residents:

    Mix together the following:

    One helping of bar-brawling
    One dose of blame
    A heaping helping of prowling
    A double-dose of shame

    One jigger of alcohol
    And perhaps two beers
    Several jiggers of dishonor
    A steady stream of jeers

    Mix the above ingredients together until the resulting blend reaches a consistency somewhere between Playdough and engine oil – and what do you have?
    The Effie Boy Martini!

    Hard on the digestive system.
    Hell on the public trust.
    And downright hellacious on a woman’s
    right to feel safe in her own home.

    Warning: Consume at your own risk…….

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  4. Steveguy says:

    How much time is allowed ? I need to know if I ever want to “peek” .

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  5. Don says:

    Why haven’t the groups that are protesting the Andy issue speaking out to help the victim in this case?

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  6. Elephant says:

    Bear – Yes. The police officers who arrested Carrillo would testify. And in their testimony state that he did NOT appear to be under the influence of alcohol. And Carrillo will have nothing to prove otherwise.

    If Joe Average had committed this crime, he would be well on his way to serving 5-10 years. It appears that Carrillo’s handlers think that the longer this goes on, people will forget and the less it will affect Carrillo’s career. What they don’t realize is that this is a festering wound that has not started to heal. People do and can and will remember. His career is already over.

    I agree with you, Francis. The sooner he is out and the BoS can move on the better.

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  7. Francis says:

    The sooner Carrillo is out of office, the sooner the Board can get on with business without this albatross around their necks. His presence on the Board continues to bring disgrace and dishonor to the office and the Board as a whole.

    Somebody in power needs to have a word with him about his future in politics.

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  8. James Bennett says:

    I think the natives will still be restless months from now…

    the way things are going, even more so.

    Between this and the inexcusable Lopez case, folks are getting a glimpse of the Us/Them mentality and double standard that exists in government.

    Locally and Nationally.

    There are/will be many opportunities for folks to wake up and get involved.

    I hope they do.

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  9. bear says:

    The question is: will anyone testify against him?

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  10. Papa ESoCo says:

    Do these clowns really think we will forget, if only they can drag out this travesty long enough? “Oh what a childish and corrupt governance we have.”, Thank you Steveguy! Can’t help but notice on other threads, When “The Captain’s” name comes up, there are always a few references to this Stupidvisors “indiscretion”. Hey “Power Broker” guys, we will not forget your boy. “There’s no need to fear, ‘Captain Underpants’ is here”; and still out on bail, keeping the neighborhood safe at 3 AM.

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  11. Steveguy says:

    Peekaboo, I see you ! Oh what a childish and corrupt governance we have.

    oh my

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