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Erin Carlstrom announces bid for State Assembly seat

Santa Rosa City Councilwoman, Erin Carlstrom. (BETH SCHLANKER/ The Press Democrat)

Santa Rosa City Councilwoman, Erin Carlstrom. (BETH SCHLANKER/ The Press Democrat)


Having tested the waters in at least one other political race, Santa Rosa City Councilwoman Erin Carlstrom announced Tuesday that she now has her sights on becoming a state assemblywoman in the 10th District spanning Sonoma and Marin counties.

Carlstrom, a Democrat who entered and then dropped out of the race for Noreen Evans’ state Senate seat, now hopes to unseat Assemblyman Marc Levine, a San Rafael Democrat who is running for re-election.

Carlstrom touted her experience “bridging political divides” in announcing her campaign for the 10th District seat.

Unlike the announcement for her state Senate bid, Carlstrom’s news release made no mention of her being a new mother. It instead highlighted her work on the city council and as a “small business attorney” and “local business owner.”

Carlstrom ended her nascent campaign for Evans’ Senate seat in early November because she said Sonoma County Supervisor Mike McGuire’s entrance into the contest threatened to split the vote and give someone outside the county an opening.

Carlstrom also was rumored to be kicking around the idea of running for McGuire’s supervisorial seat.

Carlstrom moved from her rented house in Santa Rosa’s junior college neighborhood to a house in Kawana Springs on the city’s southeast side. That places the 30-year-old attorney and first-term councilwoman within the 10th Assembly District, which spans Marin County, part of Santa Rosa and portions of western and southern Sonoma County.

Levine is seeking a second term. The primary for the Nov. 4 election is June 3, with the top-two vote-getters, regardless of party affiliation, advancing to the November general election.

6 Responses to “Erin Carlstrom announces bid for State Assembly seat”

  1. Elephant says:

    Marc Levine won that election simply because he was NOT Michael Allen. So now instead of any real opposition for Levine, we have Carpetbagger Carlstrom.

    The only thing worse for me than having to vote for who you hate the least is not voting at all because I don’t care one bit for either. If they are the only two in that race, I’m skipping it.

  2. Carlstrom is supported by? says:

    It will be interesting to see who Carlstrom believes will be supporting her. Not unions. Not business. Not women. Not anyone who remembers the Clinton Administration. Not anyone who votes based on a candidates actual record.

    Good thing she can’t get elected just based on her membership in the Young Dems local chapter. That will produce maybe a dozen votes.

    And keep in mind we all have Noreen Evans to blame for pushing Carlstrom into the spotlight as her protégé. Yikes. That was another miss or “fail” Noreen. Use better judgment.

  3. Grapevines says:

    Sure am glad that she carpetbagged to a house on the SouthEAST side of Santa Rosa. If she had messed up and moved to the SouthWEST side, they’d have thrown her off the city council.

    Which thinking of it, wouldn’t have been a bad thing.

  4. Any one But Carlstrom! says:

    Oh no, not again.

    Erin Carlstrom is a flake. She specialized in “trust” law the first year she landed in Santa Rosa and “bankruptcy” law after that. Now she does “business law” but does she really do any legal work? Seems very unlikely since she spends all her time on politics.

    Then when it came time to make a political choice, she claimed she wanted to be on the SR City Council but started plotting to run for something else within months. What else? Didn’t matter. She let it be known she was interested in running for Carrillo’s seat, then the State Senate, then McGuire Supervisor seat in the 4th District and now the Assembly.


  5. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Guess I’ll be voting for Levine (I’d rather have had Allen)again. There is no way I’ll be tricked into thinking Erin is a progressive. I saw her at the SEIU unity event on Saturday night and we all were wondering why she was there. SEIU will not be fooled into thinking she’s our friend, not again. We’re on to her.

  6. Papa ESoCo says:

    “Carlstrom touted her experience “bridging political divides”…”. She could mention her experience at “carpet bagging”; She looked at Evans’ Seat, Then McGuires, and now has relocated to run against Levine. The Woman’s ambitions apparently know no bounds. Can already see the opposing campaign strategy: Lack of real experience, not keeping her word to existing constituents (running after every seat that comes up, instead of serving out her first elected position), Carpet bagging, etc, etc. Well good Luck Erin; you get no votes here.