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Congressmen Jared Huffman, Mike Thompson won’t forgo pay during shutdown


North Coast lawmakers are continuing to be paid during the federal government shutdown despite a growing list of members of Congress who said they will voluntarily forgo their salaries while government workers are furloughed.

Democratic Representatives Mike Thompson of St. Helena and Jared Huffman of San Rafael, who earn annual salaries of $174,000, will continue to draw their paychecks, staff members said Wednesday as the shutdown entered a second day with no end in sight.

Mike Thompson; Jared Huffman

Mike Thompson; Jared Huffman

A Washington Post tally found 108 lawmakers — 56 Republicans and 52 Democrats — had announced that they would donate or refuse compensation during the impasse, as of Wednesday evening.

Asked if Huffman would give up his paycheck during the shutdown, spokesman Paul Arden referred to a statement released Wednesday in which Huffman blamed the Tea Party for bringing the government to a halt.

“I’m focused on the immediate impacts of the GOP government shutdown — on how to end it quickly, and on making sure the innocent federal employees who are being impacted are made whole,” Huffman said. “No one should lose pay because of this reckless political stunt, except perhaps the Tea Party extremists who orchestrated it.”

Lawmakers were on the floor of Congress on Wednesday evening and unavailable for further comment. Congressional staffers are deemed essential employees and are staying at their posts during the shutdown.

Spokesman Austin Vevurka said Thompson would not give up his pay.

“Rep. Thompson is doing the job his constituents elected him to do — fighting for the district by working to keep the government open and making sure folks can get affordable health insurance,” Vevurka said.

8 Responses to “Congressmen Jared Huffman, Mike Thompson won’t forgo pay during shutdown”

  1. Big Fish says:

    The Republicans are being called terrorists to stop the absolute financial and social disaster of Obama care and unsustainable US debt and yet an Islamist terrorist allowed under the idiotic Obama PC banner to serve in our military slaughters 13 of our brothers and sisters on a Texas military base is a disgruntled employee who committed workplace violence.
    The same Obama Team who denied veterans to visit the memorial in DC to honor service men and women who died for the US yet opened it to thousands of illegal immigrants to demand rights and privileges they do not deserve. Absolutely outrageous but the slobbering liberal left just doesn’t have the intelligence to comprehend what is going on. Many thanks to the Tea Party and Senator Cruz!!

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  2. Lets be Reasonable says:

    The House and Senate both passed a 2014 budget back in March. The President submitted his in April. Between then and now, the House has refused to go to Conference to work out the differences between the two Congressional versions – mostly because the Tea Party does not trust Republican leadership. The Tea Party has been planning since the last election to shut down government. And now the Republican’s have the gall to say that the President won’t negotiate!? Grow up folks. Do your jobs! Fund the government, and then sit down and compromise between the two outstanding budget proposals.

    No negotiating with terrorists!

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  3. Dan Drummond Sr says:

    If furloughed workers are going to be paid, put them back to work. Give them the option to work and be paid later or be off without pay. If workers don’t want to work, they can use their vacation time if they want to be paid.

    Thousands of furloughed workers in D.C. have already filed for unemployment benefits. I imagine some will get paid in addition to receiving unemployment. What a #@$%& mess. Nice job GOP.

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  4. Dan Drummond Sr says:

    The GOP-run House just passed a bill that would make sure the furloughed workers get paid for not working.

    Great job congressional Republican Tea Party fools. Shut down the government, send the workers home, and then pay them anyway. How is this fiscally conservative? You will not stop Obamacare.

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  5. Big Fish says:

    What else could we possibly expect from two liberal democrats from California? I like how the ring in their nose is erased from photos.

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  6. James Bennett says:

    They won’t participate in ObamaCare either.

    Government, the new elite.

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  7. Reality Check says:

    Today, the media can be counted on to focus on the least important aspect in any news story. Usually it’s whatever excites, or better yet, inflames the public.

    Once upon a time, by late summer Congress used to have passed funding for each department of government. This year, as has become custom, neither house did.

    They had 9 months to accomplish their main responsibility. In 9 months they got virtually nothing done. That should be the story, and the focus of public anger.

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  8. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Why should they? They’ve been working. They would be voting yes on what the simple yes/no vote the budget and aren’t resorting to extortion.

    At no time in the past, Republican or Democrat in office, has this not been a simple up or down vote. Nothing else was ever tied to the vote.

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