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Critics of Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo vow to push forward with recall effort


Critics of Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo are vowing to press forward with a recall attempt to oust him from office, although for now it’s still mostly talk.

“The momentum continues to build. It’s not going away,” said Alice Chan, a Sebastopol-based Democratic Party activist and co-chair of the Coalition for Grassroots Progress.

Embattled Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo, listens to Karen Fraser as she asks Carrillo to step down from his position on the board during public comment, Tuesday Sept. 10, 2013 in Santa Rosa. (Kent Porter / Press Democrat)

Embattled Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo, listens to Karen Fraser as she asks Carrillo to step down from his position on the board during public comment, Tuesday Sept. 10, 2013 in Santa Rosa. (Kent Porter / Press Democrat)

The group had given Carrillo, who has been under fire since his July 13 arrest on suspicion of prowling and burglary, until last Sunday to resign his post or face a recall. Chan issued a statement Thursday announcing the group’s intent to proceed, though she provided few details.

The cost to hold a special election in the 5th Supervisorial District for the purposes of a recall vote is estimated to cost $127,678 to $229,820, according to county election officials.

It also could be consolidated with another election, depending on the timing.

Chan said her group has not filed paperwork with the county election’s office that is required before the group can begin the process of gathering signatures.

She couldn’t say when the coalition might take that step. “I can’t be pinned down to a date,” she said.

Jack Buckhorn, president of the North Bay Labor Council, a coalition that could provide financial and political backing for a recall, said Thursday the group has not decided whether to back such an effort. The labor council has urged Carrillo to resign.

Recall proponents would have 160 days to gather signatures from the date county election officials determined the initiative met the requirements.

Proponents would need 7,661 signatures — 15 percent of the 51,071 registered voters who live in the 5th district — to qualify for an election. Assuming that happened, voters would have the choice of keeping Carrillo in office or voting for another person to replace him.

Carrillo handily won re-election in November. His term runs through January 2017.

Carrillo’s July 13 arrest came after a pair of 911 calls from a woman in his west Santa Rosa neighborhood reporting that a man — later identified as the 32-year-old Carrillo, according to police — had tried to break into her home through a bedroom window.

Police, who arrested Carrillo in just his underwear and socks, have said the incident — which resulted in a torn screen on the woman’s bedroom window — had the marks of an attempt at some type of sexual assault.

Carrillo, who is expected to learn Oct. 11 whether prosecutors will file charges against him, has said that he will not step down.

9 Responses to “Critics of Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo vow to push forward with recall effort”

  1. Tired of It says:

    I for one, like the fact Carrillo will not resign and continues to attend meetings with battered women, claim he is sober and sane and working (at what who knows) 9-5.

    He is a good democrat in the best tradition of some other elected democrats in San Diego and New York. He is a true standard bearer of the party.

    No, let him do his thing and let him continue to make the front page for the good of the democrat party. The party that cares.

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  2. Bored says:

    Recall now!

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  3. Larry Watkins says:

    Carrillo doesn’t give a damn about public opinion. All he cares about is the pension and pay he is receiving.

    That is his plan. Not public service, doing the job he was elected to do or even doing the right thing. At this point its not about politics, it is all about him.

    The Board of Supervisors needs to get beyond this guy and get off the front page with his antics.

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  4. Please continue to send him the message that he needs to resign or face a recall – sign the petition now:


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  5. Patrick E. Leiva says:

    Just go. Go away. Your time is up. Your colleagues and employers are chagrined at your shenanigans, entitled attitude, and defiance. Go the way of all disgraced public servants. We wish you to find peace in your personal challenges but your foibles are an encumberence and an embarrassment. Just go.

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  6. James Bennett says:

    This should prove very interesting.

    We’ll see how much pull the citizens actually have in our hi-jacked local government.

    If a local official turned and didn’t want to go along with this ICLEI program, that would be different.

    You’d see a propaganda filled hatchet job, a petition…
    they’d be outa there.

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  7. GAJ says:

    Good, we can’t have elected officials running around in their underwear sexually harassing taxpayers.

    If this were a supervisor at a private business doing the exact same thing off hours they would have been fired already and the business would have been smacked with a huge lawsuit.

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  8. Emerson Burkett says:

    LONG SIGH; time to go “Captain Underpants”. You are not serving your Constituents by continuing to park your head in the sand. Resign, and God Speed with your Recovery; it is going to take all your energy.

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  9. Coral says:

    Carrillo’s facial expression in this photo will be hard to forget. It is somewhere between a pout and total rebellion. The longer this contentious stand-off continues, the more obvious it is that Carrillo has bad judgment. When the public you represent and the board you serve on are no longer supporting you and have been embarrassed by you it is respectful and dutiful to bow out. Carrillo does not get this simple ethical concept.

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