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State Sen. Noreen Evans won’t seek 2nd term



State Sen. Noreen Evans made it official Monday, announcing on her Facebook page that she will not seek a second term in 2014.

The Santa Rosa Democrat took credit for writing the nation’s first Homeowner’s Bill of Rights, improving the foster care system, protecting

Noreen Evans (PD FILE)

Noreen Evans (PD FILE)

the coast, keeping state parks open and preserving California’s environmental protection law, known mainly by its acronym, CEQA.

But the 58-year-old Evans, who was elected to the state Assembly in 2004 and before that served on the Santa Rosa City Council, noted that 2013 marks her 20th year in public office, and that “politics (is) not how I planned to spend my life.”

She wrote that she plans to return to practicing private law once her term ends next year. She already has been earning extra income as a lawyer while serving in Sacramento, state financial disclosure forms show.

Evans’ announcement has fueled speculation about who might replace her. Names bandied about include former Assembly members Michael Allen and Patty Berg; current Sonoma County Supervisor Mike McGuire; Marin County Supervisor Susan Adams; and San Rafael councilman Damon Connolly.

6 Responses to “State Sen. Noreen Evans won’t seek 2nd term”

  1. Larry Watkins says:

    Hopefully a candidate can be found that will be a truly represent the people of Sonoma County. We have enough left wing mouth pieces running around in Sacramento and locally screwing up the system and raises our taxes for their social programs and leftist ideology.

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  2. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Perplexed-I don’t know where you get the unions don’t like Michael Allen because that’s untrue. I would know working politically through my union.

    Second of all, maybe you didn’t pay attention during his stint as an assemblyman. He represented and listened to the concerns of all of Sonoma County families not just union families. He is approachable to his constituents and he answers your question. He is not a shill for unions BUT he is a voice for their side because unions consist of WORKERS WITH FAMILIES. All true progressives are pro union. I don’t include Carrillo and Rabbitt as true progressives.

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  3. Perplexed says:


    In what crazy universe do you live in that would re elect Micheal Allen? He is a Union shill who even the Unions do not like.

    Do you drive a Prius? or live in Sebastopol?

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  4. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Sorry to hear she isn’t running again. She has done a good job representing her district despite the attacks from the PD and the rightwing. I am so glad that Sonoma County remains progressive in it’s core.

    As for Michael Allen, I can’t think of a better person to replace her. He’s spent his whole working life representing working families, ALL FAMILIES, not just union families. He’s the best.

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  5. Beef King says:

    Well, this is certainly good news!

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  6. SoCo Voter says:

    I really hope Michael Allen doesn’t get in. I can’t stand to look at his unethical face on another 20+ mailers. Voters sent him a clear message, turning him out on his ear, that they won’t tolerate his unethical and special interest loving behavior. If he didn’t learn, the voters will teach him again.

    I don’t like most of the other names either. Isn’t Patty Berg about 80 years old? Did she accomplish anything when she was in the Assembly a decade ago? If she gets in, its got to be for the paycheck. And voters soundly rejected Susan Adams when she ran for Congress just last year (she finished behind the woman who never even voted).

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