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Carrillo back to work today



Beleaguered Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo alerted his board colleagues that he would return to public duties Tuesday, more than five weeks after his arrest.

Carrillo made a series of phone calls to fellow members of the Board of Supervisors throughout the day Monday saying he planned to attend their 8:30 a.m.

Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo leaves Sonoma County Superior Court after his first appearance on Thursday, July 18, 2013. (Conner Jay / PD)

Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carrillo leaves Sonoma County Superior Court after his first appearance on Thursday, July 18, 2013. (Conner Jay / PD)

meeting Tuesday.

It would be Carrillo’s first public appearance since his July 18 court date. He was arrested July 13 on suspicion of prowling and burglary.

Carrillo, 32, promptly entered a treatment program for what his close advisers have said is an alcohol problem. Prior to Monday, the second-term supervisor had not given any indication of when — or if — he would return to county business.

Several supervisors said they were disappointed by the abruptly planned appearance — at a meeting with a light agenda where only three other supervisors will be in attendance.

Supervisor Shirlee Zane called Carrillo’s sudden return to public office a “distraction from our official business.”

“I’m not happy about that,” Zane said.

Carrillo’s reemergence comes three weeks after his board colleagues publicly condemned the conduct that led to his arrest. He faces a rising tide of opposition from his sharpest critics, some of whom have called for him to resign and vowed to recall him if he does not.

Supervisor David Rabbitt, chairman of the board, said Carrillo called him Monday morning and the two had spoken. Based on their conversation he said he expected Carrillo to be at Tuesday’s board meeting.

“As far as I know, he’s coming back,” Rabbitt said.

Carrillo did not return calls or text messages for comment.

Supervisor Susan Gorin said Carrillo left a message at her home that he would attend the meeting and hoped to meet with the supervisors for a few minutes privately beforehand.

“I’m about ready to tell him a few minutes will not suffice. He’s going to have to make an appointment,” said Gorin, who has been perhaps the most outspoken in her disappointment in Carrillo’s alleged behavior.

Santa Rosa police officers arrested Carrillo after a female neighbor made two predawn 911 calls to report a man, later identified as Carrillo, who police said tried to enter her home through a bedroom window.

An officer encountered Carrillo nearby wearing only his socks and underwear.

Police later said the incident had the marks of an attempted sexual assault.

Prosecutors on July 18 postponed filing charges against Carrillo. He is next due in court Aug. 30 to learn what criminal charges, if any, prosecutors will file.

Zane, who is out of the state and won’t be at Tuesday’s meeting, said she did not hear from Carrillo Monday and was surprised to learn about his plans.

Rabbitt said he too was not entirely happy about Carrillo’s last-minute notice, which surfaced publicly late Monday.

Supervisor Mike McGuire said he had received a phone message from Carrillo on Monday evening, but had not spoken to him.

Though Carrillo called fellow supervisors to alert them of his plans, his district director said she was unaware of his schedule.

“I don’t have confirmation of that,” Susan Upchurch said of his planned appearance at Tuesday’s hearing.

Rabbitt lamented that he had little authority over how Carrillo conducted his return to county business, including what he might say at the start of the board meeting.

“I don’t get to dictate everything in that regard, as much I would like to,” Rabbitt said.

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13 Responses to “Carrillo back to work today”

  1. GAJ says:

    Carillo es Amarillo!

    Resign you coward.

  2. He must resign or face a recall. The idea that he’s hanging on at least until January simply to get his pension at the public expense is disgusting….in any normal situation, this guy would lose his gig.

    Please keep the pressure on…sign and share the petition asking for him to resign, and get ready for the recall if/when he doesn’t.
    This guy is so full of himself he won’t step down unless he’s forced….and it will continue to be a distraction while the people he’s hurt..including the woman he scared so badly she called 911 twice, get no justice….wonder if his handlers have tried to buy her off and whether she will press charges. The guy he put in the hospital remained silent…mysteriously. This is sick stuff folks…right in our backyard. Enough is enough…time for this clown to go:


  3. MOCKINGBIRD says:

    Tired of it- he already voted to oust three-Deis, Goodrich, and Neville. They deserved their fate AND SO DOES EFREN.

    He’s no better.

  4. Sonoma Gone Crazy says:

    Now we know why the PD rearranged their website. Look how few comments there are on this politically hot topic there is. This is no coincidence. Not when one of the owners of the PD is also one of Efren’s handlers.

    As for Efren’s self absorbed comment about this didn’t effect the “great job” he is/was doing. How does anyone know that? Did he take an blood alcohol test before every vote to make sure he was not intoxicated? Doubtful. Was he drunk when he researched and thought out anything that had to do with important issues regarding the County? Doubtful.

    Only him and his bottle of booze know.

  5. David says:

    I am going to keep asking:

    What happened to the article about the casinos / reservations and the courts?

    Who censored (pulled)the article?

  6. Elephant says:

    So this lightweight article is here rather than the much more relevant one that talks about the statement that Carrillo took 9 minutes to read at the BoS meeting. Padding to get the last Carrillo article off of the main WS page.

  7. Greg Karraker says:

    Carillo says his alcoholism only affected his personal life and never spilled over into his on-the-job performance, harming the county.

    Please tell me how any sober person could even think of casting a vote in support of Sonoma Ponzi Power. The damage that fraud creates will harm this county for years.

  8. Steveguy says:

    Shout him down at every opportunity. Do not let this abuser of women slide. I will.

    Next meeting.

    Do not let this pass as we deserve better. Where are the women’s groups on this ? Where ? They should be outraged and out for no mercy.

    Make him resign.

  9. Reality Check says:

    One should wish the PD would offer the same extensive coverage of county government functions as it does the late-night antics of Carrillo.

  10. StarsUponThars says:

    it is very, very likely that Supervisor Carrillo had a binge drinking/alcohol problem.

    also likely, a very serious one.

    BUT, while being an addict can make you do very stupid things, it is by no means an excuse to try to crawl into someone’s window.

    do not allow his redemption story to overshadow his predatory behavior.

  11. Average Joe says:



  12. observer says:

    The puppeteers wiggle their fingers.

    Their hand puppets—the Supervisors—move their lips. Sound comes out. Disdain.

    Scripted disdain.

    The better to deflect public scrutiny away from the real business of the County of Sonoma. Which is to drive up water, power and garbage rates and recycle this cash to the puppeteers.

  13. Tired of It says:

    Carrillo is the Alex Rodriguez of County Board of Supervisors. By his own admission, gets in trouble with the police while drunk twice, but says he can still play with no penalty. He believes it hasn’t affected his job, well, he better reexamine that notion. What about credibility and ethnical behavior while in public office?

    He is one of the most self serving politicians in Sonoma County and that is saying something. Obviously Carrillo is just in it for the money and a large pension he hopes to collect.

    This guy needs to be at least suspended until a court decides his criminal fate. How would he vote if it were a county employee or manager who did what he has done?

    He has to go to begin process of rebuilding the credibility of the Board and show that the county will not tolerate this type of conduct.